Earthquake: About Got Damm Time

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earthquake200.jpgIf well-paced and finely crafted jokes are what you look for in a stand-up comedian, then Earthquake is not for you. But if you’re into the bottom line, then Earthquake will do just fine.

In About Got Damm Time , the former Nathaniel Stroman, armed with an unstoppable energy, whips a jam-packed crowd into frenzy after frenzy. Though the way he gets the crowd to that point is sometimes distracting, what with his sometimes messy delivery and his punctuating what seems like every other sentence with “bitch,” “motherfucker” or “nigga.”

At his core, Earthquake is raw and unapologetic, and unlike many of his stand-up counterparts, he’s not concerned with segues or flow; he just wants to talk, charge around on stage and make people hyperventilate — which he does.

While he hits on the expected topics — race, relationships and war — he manages to do so with a dash of his own flavor. Talking about the war in Iraq and the country’s terrorists, he wonder, “Where’s the Klan at when you need them? Why aren’t they hanging some of these motherfuckers?”

He pokes fun at black people: “Ain’t no way no black family was on no boat for 40 days and 40 nights and didn’t eat them two chickens. I don’t know no nigga who can take that kind of pressure.” And he lets the raucous crowd know what type of ladies he’s into: “I like black women — slave black. I like my bitch so black she just lay in the bed and look like a hole in the sheets.”

The DVD’s bonus features include footage of Earthquake and friends hanging out at his Gulfport, Mississippi, hotel room before the show, where the D.C. native shows off his leather “gators,” and his dinner, a massive plate of ribs. He even takes us inside the limo on the way to the show.

In the end, Earthquake is honest about what he does: The man spent 11 years in the Air Force loading bombs into planes. Without mentioning his former career, he tells us how he got started in comedy. “I just started talking shit like this and it paid.”

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