Aaron Karo: Recovering Frat Boy

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karodvd200.jpgComedian Aaron Karo, the best-selling author of Ruminations on College Life and Ruminations on Twentysomething Life, is back at it again, dropping humorous observations about his life as an eternal party boy.

Only this time, Karo’s not documenting his experiences as Mr. Fraternity via the written word; instead, he’s traveled back to Philadelphia, five years after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania — where he did his partying — to tape his hilarious stand-up comedy DVD, Recovering Frat Boy.

Onstage, Karo often draws upon familiar situations for twentysomething bachelors and explains his take with a handful of clever analogies like, “Single women in their 20s are like a preseason football game — they may seem like they want to score, but really they just don’t want to get hurt.”

During the 60-minute set, Karo also deftly utilizes the callback — a tool comedians use to refer back to a previous joke — and it helps to showcase the intelligent writing that made him famous in the first place.

Karo also succeeds in covering seemingly brainless topics like college girls and binge drinking, but somehow he manages to handle these themes with sharp wit. The material has its R-rated moments, like when Karo says, “I love when a girl says, ‘Karo, I’m not sleeping with you, because all I hear is ‘I’m gonna blow you and then you can leave.’ But, generally, this performance is a fairly innocent look into his life at an Ivy League Animal House, and the malaise that’s ensued in the subsequent years.

Recovering Frat Boy is also loaded with 20 minutes of extra footage, which includes a clip from Karo’s first comedy performance at an open-mic in New York City. Watching him as a beginner, talking a mile a minute and clearly nervous, and then seeing him standing confidently and speaking clearly four years later is an amazing thing. Between his subject matter and the quality comedy he dishes out, Recovering is worth opening a case of beers to and watching as you get wasted.

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