The Danny Lobell Show: Comedy Radio's Motley Crue

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The Danny Lobell Show
For the past five years, New York City comedian Danny Lobell and the staff at The Danny Lobell Show have been hitting the airwaves with bizarre banter and comedian interviews. But will 2008 turn the lights on for the up-and-coming radio team?

By Dylan P. Gadino I Photos by LaMott Jackson

Every Friday at 1 p.m. EST, a small, yet rapidly growing afternoon radio show broadcasts out of a modest FM station — and streams online around the world as part of — from Baruch College’s WBMB in New York City. A young comic named Danny Lobell steers the dysfunctional ship that bears his name.

But he’s not alone at The Danny Lobell Show: Fellow comedians Katy Olson and Chris Iacono, along with hilarious oddball Dave Kasten, join him each week to interview the country’s best up-and-coming comics, well-known headliners (past guests include Marc Maron, Doug Stanhope, Jake Johanssen) and comedy legends; think George Carlin and Pat Cooper.

With a slick, newly designed official site, where past episodes are archived, and a stellar list of future comedian guests, 2008 is set to be The Danny Lobell Show‘s best year yet. Punchline Magazine recently chatted with the, um, colorful staff of the show about their hopes and dreams– purely serious stuff.

It wasn’t our fault the discussion degenerated into masturbatory death fantasies about Hannah Montana. Read on.

When did The Danny Lobell Show start?
DL: I started about five years ago doing a show called Dan and Bob In da Mornin. When “Bob” (Aryeh Teplow-Phipps) left it became The Danny Lobell Show. Over the years it evolved and I’d say it started to really take form two years ago when David and Katy joined, then Chris Joined a year later and the chemistry just felt right and things started to take off.

What inspired you to do this type of radio show?
DL: I got bored with real life!
CI: The freedom we have on the air. We never hold back when it comes to topics and content. We talk about whatever we want, and it allows us to be edgier then most other shows that have strict FCC guidelines.

How did you become involved with The Danny Lobell Show?
KO: Honestly, I was drunk at a club one night and Danny asked me to come and guest host. Later, he asked me to be a regular host on the show. I had never really thought about doing radio, although ever since we were kids my prostitute brother said I’d be good on the radio. I take all my career advice from prostitutes.

The Danny Lobell ShowWhat’s the biggest changes in the show since the first show to now?
DL: It doesn’t suck anymore!
CI: The guests are bigger and which means Danny doesn’t have to talk to himself for two hours.
KO: When we first started we didn’t stream online so we didn’t have nearly as many listeners as we do now. Also, I think it takes time to find the right group of hosts for a show like ours. The group we have now is definitely the craziest and most talented we’ve had. Chris said we’re like a comedy band all fucked up in own our different ways constantly bickering — yet somehow we can get it together long enough to do the show each week.
DK: We’ve been steadily building more and more false hope. Also, Katy has become bitchier as time goes on.

Do you pattern your show around any other popular radio show or hosts?
DL: Not really. I rarely, if ever, listen to radio. I used to work night security and I would listen to this show called John and Jeff. They where really good, but not funny and nothing like what we’re doing. So I guess that has nothing to do with the question. I also used to watch Howard on TV on occasion. I think we’re very different but I have the utmost respect for Howard.
CI: No.
KO: I think we were all influenced by Stern and Opie & Anthony to some extent. Our content and our style of comedy is dark like theirs. But I think our best shows are the ones were it feels more like we’re all just hanging out than doing a show.
DK: Of course not. What are you trying to say– that I’m a copy of someone? Go to hell!

Who’s been your favorite in-studio guest?
DL: Pat Cooper. He just cracks me up! I feel if I’m entertained, my listeners must be too. He’s a legend for a reason.
CI: Pat Cooper. He’s always on fire and never misses a beat
DK: Colin Quinn, because he’s a big name and only because he’s a big name.
KO: Pat Cooper. He’s so fast and sharp that all you really have to do as a host is sit back and try not to fuck it up.

Who’s been the worst in-studio guest?
DL: “The Cancer Guy.” This guy survived cancer and had no sense of humor about it, yet he runs cancer comedy shows? He was the true definition of “Radio Cancer.”
KO: The worst guests are the ones that don’t show up on time. There’s nothing more awkward than coming back from break and going “I swear they said they’d be here.” It’s like being stood up on a very public Internet date.
CI: Nick Griffin. He was totally lame. We tried to convince him to commit suicide after the show.

The Danny Lobell Show Marc MaronWhat are your full-time jobs?
DL: I’m a full time stand-up comic. So basically, I’m unemployed.
KO: To quote The Godfather, don’t ask me about my business. But basically I’m a bum living off food stamps and free drinks.
DK: None.
CI: Stand-up comedy, Comical Radio and making my girlfriend happy.

What are your hopes for The Danny Lobell Show?
DL: I want to see us grow the show to the point where we can have a large national audience. A nice paycheck would be cool too.
KO: I hope one day very soon we get picked up on satellite so I can curse and get paid for it.
CI: A steady paycheck, eventually getting David Kasten laid…and health insurance.
DK: That I will bring holiness into the world and that it should bring people to do many good deeds and that they wash their balls or vaginas before they come in the studio. Also, that people learn to be courteous and give each other reach-arounds and they say, “Oy what a thrill!” Oh, and I hope to get myself a 16-year-old girl to fuck.

Say something nice about one other DLS staffer.
CI: Danny Lobell can get any chick he wants.
DL: Dave Kasten is by far the funniest guy I’ve ever met.
DK: Our previous intern, Dina that was homeless and pretty, has beautiful Ginzo breasts.
KO: What is this, group therapy? Kasten is great on the radio because you never know what crazy thing will come out of his autistic mouth next.

Say something mean about one other DLS staffer.
CI: Danny Lobell can get any drunk chick he wants.
DL: Chris Iacono is a cartoon of an Italian, to the point where if you wrote a comic book exactly documenting the words and actions of Chris Iacono it would probably offend the Italian community and would be considered a ridiculous stereotype of what ignorant people think of Italians. For Christ’s Sake his best friend growing up in Brooklyn was called “The Pepperoni” and he lives with his Eggplant Parmesan-cooking, old-school Italian grandma in the basement in Bensonhurst and says things like “forget about it.” He also has a tattoo of snake eyes on the head of his penis because it’s an old family tradition.
KO: David Kasten is going to die holding his virgin penis in his hand with Hannah Montana on the TV.
DK: Our current intern, Andrew, is flat.

The Danny Lobell ShowWhat new things do you plan on bringing to the show in 2008?
DL: Just a lot more great shows, great guests and this guy Jared who puts different sharp objects all the way up his nose, I know it’s a visual but I still think we can make it work nicely.
DK: I intend to keep bringing it even though its already been brought — and to dip my testicles in a shot glass before each show — one ball for me, one for my homies.

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