Bobby Collins: Mr. New York

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bobbycollinscover224.jpgHalf way through his latest album, Bobby Collins thankfully crosses the line of what’s appropriate – even in terms of topics generally tackled on the stand-up stage, a place where what’s considered the norm would make the average office worker cringe.

With great earnestness, the legendary comic testifies: “It’s time we go back to beating the children. Beat your kids. Tonight, go home, wake ’em up; bloody those sons of bitches up. Don’T let your children define who you are. Beat the shit out of them.”

He commits to the absurdity of the rather retro style of parenting; and at the same time taps into the dark recesses of even the best parents’ minds. Dark, honest and funny: a reliable combination for great comedy.

Unfortunately, most of the material on Mr. New York fails to reach that level. Rather, a smattering of hard laughs are weighed down by jokes that desperately want to be different, to have bite and guts, to be a bit shocking but, alas, are simply pedestrian. Too often, Collins tries to find the funny in the obvious —
EZ Pass lanes on the highway move faster than regular lanes — without adding much of a twist. Or he leans on tired topics (like Sen. Larry Craig’s bathroom misadventures) for easy laughs.

Then there’s the kooky idea of Restless Leg Syndrome: “Are they just making up diseases to sell pills?” Collins asks. “Like WHS, wild hip syndrome? My wife’s got TTS[sic]: Titty Shake Sydrome.”

Throughout his set, his hometown Long Island crowd laps up just about everything Collins puts in front of them – funny or otherwise — oftentimes screaming out “Bobby!” and cackling at nonsensical, pandering-to-the-locals one-liners. No doubt, the veteran comic has been tenured.

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