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danlevy300.jpgAt 27, Dan Levy is one of the country’s fastest-rising stand-up comedians. With two movies about to pop and a daily one-minute talk show on College Humor, summer ’08 is looking damn sunny for the bespectacled lad from Connecticut.

Dan Levy, the host of the College Humor Live comedy tour, is now the host of the web site’s first talk show, The I Have to Go in a Minute Show. Sponsored by Mountain Dew’s Dewmocracy campaign, it’s a daily one-minute talk show on CollegeHumor.com. The 27-year-old LA-by-way-of Stamford, CT got his start in stand-up while at Emerson College in Boston; during that time he won the title of The Country’s Funniest College Comedian at the HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival.

His new short, Below the Law will screen at the Just for Laughs film festival in Montreal next month and he’s landed parts in two summer movies My Sexiest Year starring Harvey Keitel and the Anna Faris comedy The House Bunny. In the middle of it all, Levy took a break from filming to chat with Punchline Magazine about his latest gig as “talk show host.”

How would you describe The I Have to Go in a Minute Show?

It’s like a compressed version of Conan or the other late night shows. The premise is I’m trying to basically host and produce a talk show from my parents’ bedroom every morning before I go to work, which is why it’s pretty rushed. I only have a minute.

And you’re doing this for the entire summer?
From June until August 1. I moved out here the end of May from LA, with Todd Strauss-Schulson, who is also writing and producing the show with me.

Did you approach College Humor about it, or did they come to you?

I have good relationship with those guys. They called me up, and said, ‘I know you wanna come out to NY and hang out.’ Would you be interested in creating and hosting your own talk show?’ Absolutely! Also, I really like the web site, I like those guys. it’s the perfect place for the show.

How long does it take to shoot each episode?
It varies. The way we do it is we shoot all of the in-studio stuff, a bunch of segments in a day. But the bits like with Stephen Colbert, those things take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours to shoot them, and it also depends on the celebrities’ availabilities.

Have there been any highlights, or is there anything you’re looking forward to, beyond getting host-advice from Stephen Colbert?
Everything has been a highlight. Living in New York City and doing a show is just really fun. We also just did a sketch with Colin Quinn, and I might be doing one with Bette Midler! For the most part, it’s really fun. It’s a lot of work, and I can’t imagine what it’s like when you’re doing a show that’s an hour as opposed to a minute, because I’m pretty wiped out.

Viewers might recognize you from some past hosting gigs, right?
I hosted a comedy game show for MTV, and from there, I hosted a terrible, terrible, horrible show with Andy Dick [for MTV] that was fucking horrific– literally a waste of time. And you can write that!

What have you been doing since?
I’ve been doing some acting and a lot of writing, but mostly stand-up. This is the ideal thing, though: I’m hosting a show, but it’s my show. I do what I want. Plus, I think we’re getting something like 50,000 views a day.

Do you like one over the other– hosting versus stand-up?

Actually, the two are very similar, so, I’d like to host a talk show and then do stand-up on the weekends.

If Punchline Magazine checks in with you again this time next year, what will you be doing?

I’ll be a multi, multi-millionaire due to the success of my two-minute talk show.

Check out Dan’s daily show at College Humor. To learn more about Dan, check out danlevyshow.com.

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