Tom McCaffrey: Lou Diamond Phillips?

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From the look of things, Tom McCaffrey is just another weed freak with a burgers-and-fries body, the sort of inert stoner who considers pushing his luck a strenuous cardio workout. Maybe this is why Mom told us never to judge a comic by his CD cover…or something like that.

Because from the sound of things on Lou Diamond Phillips?, his debut release from ItTakesALotToLaugh Records, McCaffrey uses his sofa more as a work space than a parking space.

Apparently, it’s a plush think tank, where he contemplates the inhabitants of his alcohol-and-pot-powered world: including his “dickhead friends” (who really need to log on to to learn the difference between huge and small before asking for favors) and the despicable hosts of “painting parties” (those bogus bashes that use pizza as bait to lure pepperoni junkies into a work trap).

McCaffrey splashes his jokes with shades of blue and paints a portrait of himself as a master slacker, which may be his professional caricature or an accurate picture of the New Yorker, though that’s difficult to authenticate after a 50-minute performance at Pianos in NYC.

When he lets his imagination wander on a long leash, it takes him, the audience and listeners off worn-down punch-line pathways (Marijuana and liquor: the official fuels of professional comedians. Really? What a revelation!) and into fresh, often hilarious territory worthy of exploration. Men will learn from his inventive way of avoiding fighting bullies without looking like a pussy, and ladies, McCaffrey out-tips even Cosmo with his helpful and useful alternatives to tissue paper when stuffing a bra.

If McCaffrey really does live in a hemp haze yet still has the brainpower necessary to invent jokes like these, then maybe the Big Bong theory explains the origins of the comic universe.

Purchase now from ItTakesAlotToLaugh Records; Available on iTunes Oct. 14. There will be a CD release party/show Sept. 5 at Sound Fix record shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Muskets must be checked at the door.

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