Biologist turns to stand-up comedy

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Tim LeeTim Lee graduated with honors from University of California-San Diego, earning a degree in biology. He then studied at UC-Davis to receive a doctorate in ecology. After a few years working in the research science field, he decided to make the unusual transition to stand-up comedy.

“It was like spending six years training for the Olympics and then deciding, ‘You know what, I want to be a glassblower.’ I don’t recommend it,” he says in his act.

But that’s not to say his education has gone to waste. Lee’s comedy merges stand-up with science and even PowerPoint visuals. He uses the presentation-maker to break down such hilarious topics as molecular bonding, transition probability and cladograms.

“I’m not worried about an audience that doesn’t understand science,” Lee told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “I’ve found that, in general, the people who come out to my shows are very bright and possess a strong intellectual curiosity… If you talk down to them, they’ll get bored.”

Check out a clip of the biologist comic:

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