Artie Lange gets blackballed

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Artie LangeArtie Lange was a regular guest on Late Night With Conan O’Brien throughout the show’s 16 year run. The literal embodiment of the term, “brutal honesty,” Lange’s appearances were known for their jaw dropping moments of candor, including references to his own binge drinking and hard drug use.

Even at 12:30 a.m., the big guy was pushing it (NBC still counts as network TV, right?). Now that Conan’s vying for a wider, more family-oriented 11:30 p.m. audience, Lange gets the impression that his antics might not fly. Here’s what he had to say to the Daily News:

I’d been on Late Night 15 times in the last 11 years, and they were great to me,” said Lange. “But the last time I was on, they thought I was high, and now they won’t put me on until I prove I’m sober. I am sober. I can’t be a third guest? I mean, I’m not asking to bump George Clooney.

Those quotes were printed in the News on Tuesday. The night before, Lange didn’t help out his chances of ever landing on Conan’s show again when he appeared on sports commentator Joe Buck’s new HBO show Joe Buck Live. During his segment he called out Buck on his lack of talent, implied that he was gay by asking him if he visited often and generally tore the host a new asshole. Check out the video below.

As a result, HBO announced that Lange will never have him appear on Buck’s show or any sports show again. We don’t think Lange is going to care about this. But he does seem to care about Conan and the producers at The Tonight Show. Will they, in light of his latest media appearance, ever book him again? What do you think?

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  • Brenda Casey

    My hope is that ALL of the talk shows blacklist Artie Lange. He’s obnoxious, egotisical and untalented.

    I don’t have a problem with tasteless humor that goes over the line, but the man is not funny. He seems to equate being loud and rude with being funny. It doesn’t work and it’s embarrassing.

  • http://punchlinemagazine Lisa

    It’s a miracle Artie is STILL with us. Probably not much longer. So sad. What a waste. Chris Farley, Belushi, he fits right in! I love Artie, he’s fucking hilarious and ther’s nothing more sexy to me than a sense of humor as rare n unique as his!!

  • http://punchlinemagazine Lisa

    This Buck schmuck needs to take a pill!! He should be thanking Artie for making millions of people like me aware now that he even exists! Sounds like Buck’s father would’ve appreciated Artie. Buck n his father probably had a bad relationship. Artie was complimenting this idiot n making him look good n it makes no sense to me that he got all bent out of shape. The only thing i can think of why would be that maybe he is a homosexual. I’m being serious n that really pissed him off cuz he was SO ANGRY n that would explain it. Otherwise, there was no need to get so mad. It didn’t make any sense. His audience LOOOVED IT!!! Why didn’t he/ Has to be why. Who cares if he’s gay?

  • wbr

    You mean to tell me that Mr Lang said dirty word’s! I never would have belived it if i didn’t hear it myself. I think next time they should have Mr Roger’s on[sorry he’s dead] then we will all be safe.

  • Chase Roper

    It’s either a publicity stunt to keep himself relevant and in the media, or he’s self destructing.

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