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Eugene Mirman

Eugene Mirman

It’s no secret that Twitter really has been taken over by the country’s best comedians. So this new Twitter development doesn’t come as much of a surprise. I recently got my hands on an advanced copy of Twitter Wit: Brilliance in 140 Characters or Less, a book that features some of the funniest Tweets made public since the micro-blogging site launched in 2006. Edited by San Francisco-based tech writer and founding editor of Valleywag (a blog about Silicon Valley), Nick Douglas, the book is what you’d expect: a list of great Tweets.

But something tells me the publisher told Douglas, “Dude, we have to throw some other shit in there; this can’t just be a list of Tweets.” Hence, within the book there’s an occasional page that list, among other things, suggestions for funny Tweet fodder, lists of Twitter  tools and applications and “rules of Twitter wit.” The book is out Sept. 8. For now, check out some comedian selections from said tome. Also, be sure to follow Punchline Magazine at @punchlinemag.

@margaretcho I still have a hard time thinking of NWA as an airline. To me they’ll always be straight outta Compton.

@eugenemirman Heading on Amtrak from Seattle to Portland. I’m looking forward to revealing to everyone soon that they are on a sing-along train.

@mshowalter Waitress just said their creamed spinach was “banging.” Now sure how I feel about that.

@JudahWorldChamp Invented 2 new forms of karate today. One of them can only work between 1 a.m. & 2 a.m. It has to do with the Earth’s rotation.

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@willdurst Uncertain times call for uncertain leadership and thankfully Congress is contributing more than its share.

@paulapoundstone My daughter is eating vegetarian chicken nuggets. I’ll bet chickens gathered outside the lab that developed that food. “How’s it coming?”

@michaelianblack When people pick their “5 people living or dead to have dinner with,” don’t they worry they’ll be the most boring person at the meal?

@DougBenson Got a great massage today. It’s like the masseuse knew instinctively that I hold all of my tension in my penis.

@joelmchale I have a cold. It makes my voice sound like a sexy pirate.

@LisaLampanelli About to go onstage in Portland, Or! Talk about a bunch of white devils. wish me luck! might have to call someone w/ a tan “black!”

Other comedians and comedian types included in the book: Aziz Ansari, Scott Aukerman, Andy Borowitz, John Hodgman, Jessie Thorn, David Wain, Dartanion London, Paul Scheer, Alison Rosen, Rainn Wilson, and Jimmy Fallon.

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