Comedian Cain Lopez passes away

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It was announced today that Latino comic, Cain Lopez has passed away.  While details have not yet been released, according to Lopez’ Myspace profile, in 2003  he was diagnosed with jaw cancer. After 14 hours of surgery, 2 weeks in intensive care, and six weeks of radiation treatment, Lopez survived and attributed his recovery to his passion for comedy.

Lopez was a featured comic at HBO’s Latino Laugh Festival and appeared twice on Galavision’s Que Locos.

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  • LeAnn

    Me and Cain fell in love when we were teenagers and dated for awhile I LOVE you Cain you will always be in my heart forever! XOXOXOXOX

  • BigWormLive

    I had the pleasure of preforming with Cain Lopez twice at the San Jose Improv. He was an very funny comedian, great person and very humble. He gave me great advice that i took to heart. He I will be missed and I hope his family and friends are blessed always!!

  • Ruben Quintana

    I am left speechless at the loss. God bless you Cain and all of your loved ones. You are missed. Ruben Q.

  • Theo Von

    I never met Cain, but ive heard only nice things about him. After reading all of the kind things people wrote here about him, i realize how often times, the only people comics have who truly understand them are other comics. i wish his soul the best, hope to meet him on the other side.

  • Blas

    My name is Blas I’m Cain’s cousin by blood but more like a brother. Thanks to you for all the great stories you’ve been posting. Here’s something that Dennis Gaxiola, Sadiki Fuller and I did to honor Cain. Comedians please repost “A COMEDIAN’S LAST LIGHT”

    A COMEDIAN’S LAST LIGHT: a tradition in the comedy circles is that a light is flashed to let you know that your time on stage is up. At Cain Lopez’s funeral we started what we hope to be a new tradition for a farewell to a comedian. Cain was introduced for his final applause, after a moment of silence we shined a light on his casket, sending him off to his final standing ovation on earth…RIP Cain.on

  • Michael Mancini

    I watch Cain come up through the ranks in the comedy world. Everytime I saw him perform he was funnier and more polished. The last time I performed with him he brought the house down, making me have to really step up. Because he was so good at what he did he made me a better performer.

    God speed,


  • Kingsley M

    Cain was a sweetheart,

    I had a chance to book one of his first paying gigs at a frat house in Davis. I also waited tables with him at his Aunt’s Mexican food restaurant. We had a blast telling jokes to one another. I’m so sad to hear it. I just checked Youtube expecting to see funny clips, not to see the words RIP. The world is a less funny place today. Miss you Cain.

  • Penny Tha Prince

    The news is so sad… Death take a break already!!! I first met Cain back in 05 when I did my first paid gig at the State theater in Modesto. I was nervous as hell,but Cain told me to relax and just have fun… I always enjoyed his work and his company… Cain it was an honor to work with you R.I.P.

  • Natalie Gray

    I met Cain in 2007 when I was asked to drive him up to San Francisco as we were both participating in the SF Int’l Comedy Competition.

    Spending six hours in a car with someone you’ve just met is a great way to get to know them! During my two weeks spent in the competition I was very much impressed by Cain’s positive attitude and his enthusiastic support of my comedy.
    He was an absolute delight to work with and a real gentleman. I only found out this morning that he had passed away and I’m quite in shock.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

    Natalie Gray

  • Joey Gaytan

    I met Cain lopez working on a film and over the time got to know him personally..
    i was told tonight by comedian Little Larry he had condolences to his family and friends,,i got to know him and he was always a cool dude.I’ll always remember his stories about on the road and doin a gig with Rowdy Piper and giving him advice on stand up in Oregon..he had a zest for life..something i think we all take for granted, i know i do..Rest in peace Cain.

    Joey Gaytan

  • Alex Acevez

    cain was a great and funny guy i had book him at san manuel casino a few times! just all around talent.

  • Adrian Obando

    I’ve known Cain since kindergarten. I never realized how funny he was. I hadn’t seen him since high school and even then it wasn’t much. I read about him few years ago in the local paper and made contact with him on myspace. Then, I ran into him at the mall last year in our hometown, Fairfield. He was so happy to see me. and just so sincere. He asked me about my music career and seemed genuinely excited for me. He invited me out to his shows and I regret not making one now that he is gone. But I will say I’m glad I got to see him that day. and very proud to have grown up with Cain or as i knew him at E. Ruth Sheldon as Cayeeeeen!!

  • Stephen Harris

    I had only met Cain a couple of times, but he was a very personable guy. He invited me to come and see his show any time he was @ PepperBelly’s.

    I hope that any of his comic friends will come & give rememberances @ Pepperbelly’s benifit show.

  • Stephen Harris

    Comic, and Armijo grad, Cain Lopez, dies
    By Amy Maginnis-Honey | Daily Republic | July 10, 2009 17:00
    FAIRFIELD – Cain Lopez, a 1997 Armijo High School graduate, and up-and-coming comic, died Thursday of cancer.

    He was 30.

    Lopez had made numerous TV appearances including HBO’s Latino Laugh Festival and Galavision’s Que Locos.

    His last film, ‘The Last Score,’ is in post production and should be released later this year.

    ‘He came to me about 11 years ago when I was managing another club,’ said Kathy Cima of Pepperbellys, where Lopez was a regular.

    ‘He was one of my go-to-guys,’ Cima said.

    Lopez had worked at the movie theater that Pepperbellys now calls home.

    After cleaning the theater, he told the newspaper, he would try out his stand-up routine on the stage.

    He fell in love with the art of making people laugh after watching a Bill Cosby comedy special.

    One of Lopez’s first breaks came at The Punchline in Sacramento when he did a routine on amateur night and was invited back to open for Damon Wayans Jr.

    A benefit show for Lopez’s family, who still live in Fairfield, is tentatively planned for 8 p.m. July 19 at Pepperbellys.

    Reach Amy Maginnis-Honey at 427-6957 or

  • Stephen B

    Too young. My condolences go out to all his friends and family and for all the audience members who will never get to see this young man work.

  • Chase Roper

    Thanks so much everyone for sharing your thoughts, condolences and memories. The more I read in this comment section and from other comics on Facebook, Twitter, etc, the more I really wish I had the opportunity to meet and work with Cain.

  • Dave McRae

    I met Cain opening for him at Pepperbelly’s on one of his homecoming shows. We sat and talked for a few hours about the old time comedians. Few comedians today have studied comedy the way Cain had. He knew the old timers and he knew the modern comics. His kindness as a person is well spoken of here by all, and it is all true beyond our words. Few headliners talk to openers like he talked to me. God will give him a special place in heaven I pray, making Jimi Hendrix laugh, and Jack Benny and George Carlin sitting with him smiling. God bless you Cain, thank you for your many kindnesses. It meant more to me than I could ever express.

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  • Sal Espana

    When we last worked together this past Mother’s Day, Cain was vibrant, energetic, and hysterical. We compared notes about going through physical therapy and the curve balls life throws at you. This is all so sudden. A great comic, and a great guy! My thoughts are with his family.

  • Darren Carter

    Cain Lopez was one of my best friends. Whenever he wasn’t headlining his own shows I would take him on the road with me. We did everything from New Years Eve shows to casinos to corporate gigs to open mics around LA.
    During the day he and I would get together and write at a couple of Diners around town. Cain could tag/fix/make funnier your bits in no time! Not only was he a great writer…he was an AWESOME performer! So good in fact… I sometimes would rather have him NOT feature for me…but his company was worth the challenge =)
    Cain will be missed but not forgotten. In the next few weeks I’ll be posting more memories and pics.
    Love you bro!

  • Comedian’s Hall Of Fame

    Comedy Has Lost a Great Comedic Mind. Cain Lopez.
    Our Sorrow goes out to His Family with Blessings.
    Our Memories of the Laughter he gave to many will be in our Hearts

    With Our Regards
    Project Manager
    Comedians Hall Of Fame, Vegas

  • Comedian’s Hall Of Fame

    Comedy has Lost a Great Comedic Mind. We are saddened By the loss of Cain, Our Sorrow goes out to His Family,with Blessings… Our Memories of Cane will Live in our Hearts…

    With Warm Regards
    Comedian’s Hall of Fame, Vegas

  • Marisa Garcia

    I’m so saddened by this news! I’ve seen Cain at a number of shows, and always left with tears in my eyes…from laughing so hard. “Bling bling, shiney b*tches!” I am so sad by this news. The comedy world has lost a great comedian. God Bless his family.

  • Phil Johnson

    That’s so sad… I met Cain during the San Francisco Comedy Competition and he was one of the nicest, most genuine comics I’ve run across.

  • Susan Jones

    I opened for Cain a few months ago… he made me want to go home and re-write my jokes… He was not only a very funny story teller he was a great person that believed till the end that he would make it through this terrible illness. He was a fighter. Cain will be missed. Cain will be remembered. He was a bright lite… for those of us that knew him we are blessed.

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