Bob Biggerstaff: Enjoy Guys!!

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Bob BiggerstaffIn addition to caddies to lug their golf clubs, boys to hand them their bats and their own cooks, dishwashers and launderers (what females call “wives” and what the swinish guys who still reside in male chauvinist pigsties call “significant bothers”), men now have a personal comedian: Bob Biggerstaff.

Biggerstaff, a bouncer-size but genial comic veteran, playfully ushers listeners into the man cave on Enjoy Guys!!, his new CD from Rooftop Comedy Productions. Along the 42-minute expedition, Biggerstaff detours amusingly into other male domains, including the men’s room, the locker room and even the stock room.

Do not misconstrue: This is not men’s-only material. Judging from audience reaction, women will find the ramble through the male mind enjoyable and maybe even enlightening (especially after discovering that two cell phones may be even better “protection” than two condoms).

But instead of excavating the male psyche with a backhoe, Biggerstaff grazes the surface with a skimmer — though to funny effect. He punctuates his version of The Man Show with plenty of references to sports and junk (the joystick that drives men’s lives, not the old Chinese sailing ship). Comedy need not be profound to be effective, a point Biggerstaff proves entertainingly.

Purchase Bob Biggerstaff’s Enjoy, Guys!! here.

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