Kathy Griffin petitions to win Oprah’s acceptance

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Kathy GriffinAnointment from the Poprah through her monthly book club can turn civilian writers into celebrity authors overnight.

So comedian and tormented D-lister Kathy Griffin is using the power of the petition to try to persuade Her Eminence, Oprah Winfrey, to bestow the literary equivalent of a papal blessing on her forthcoming memoir: Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin, due out Sept. 8 from Random House.

Griffin hopes gathering 50,000 signatures (she has more than 33,000 already) here will impress O enough to invite Griffin on Winfrey’s show and endorse the book, according to a report.

Yo, Kathy, you may need more than public acclamation to ingratiate yourself to Oprah, though. You don’t mock the Poprah — most notably by referring to Gayle King, O’s pal and colleague, as “Oprah’s boyfriend” — without consequence. So you may want to butter her up — literally. We recommend sending the doyenne of daytime divas cases and cases of croissants and cookies.

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  • Trice Rowland

    Oprah needs to get her head out of Gails ass and Stedmans dick out of her ear and let Kathys’ pony run free!!!!!!

  • Melissa

    If Oprah lets Kathy Griffin on her show, I will like Oprah again. But, until then…..

  • tineke

    C’mon kathy u kno the big O and I mean that literlay is too good for anyone I think. Your too good for that biotch anyway. Get your own talk show with rosie that would be the bomb diggity….wait does anyone say that anymore?

  • todd

    operh sucks

  • todd

    i loved to see her her tv show kathy email me plase

  • marjan

    Hi Kathy, Just kiddin… i will read your book even if Oprah does not have you on because you are the Funniest Person on Earth….

  • Jenifer McBride

    Ha ha… ya know that bitch won’t add you. And anyways.. you’re to good for her!

    Anywho.. good luck my dear!

  • marjan

    Yes, Yes, Yes,……I will not read Kathy`s book till it makes Oprah`s book club..Please Oprah, Pleeeeeese have Kathy on as she will Boost your ratings even more.
    I normally watch “Oprah” occationally but if you have Kathy Griffin on i will certainlly watch and you “Oprah” will be a Hero……

  • Oprah

    Rawr. gobble gobble.

  • Candice

    It’s time Kathy had her day. Kathy would be the only guest I would watch Oprah to see. We love you Kathy!

  • Anthony Gnecco

    Love Kathy let her on Oprah ….

  • kc

    I say, kathy should have her own talk show… and rosie odonald can be her co-star!

  • Rosie Campbell

    I Love Kathy Griffin!!! I don’t watch Oprah AT ALL way to OLD but if she was on there I would have to record it and watch it Over and Over again so…

    If you want to see a rating boost up (cause I really don’t even know anyone who watches Oprah anymore) then yo should have her on there!!!


  • Larry

    Oprah can’t hate her all that much, she allowed her to be on the Rachel Ray show. Like Dr. Phil (douche)and Dr. Oz, Rachel is completely owned and controlled by the all powerfull BIG O! I’d love to see Kathy recognized by her.

  • Tiffany Lawrence

    This petition is frickin hilarious. I know O is going to accept Kathy G. so no worries. Now on to a petition of my own…..I petition Kathy G to accept my FB friend request pronto!

    Love you, gurlita!!

  • Erin

    Kathy you are the BEST!!!! And TOTALLY deserve to be on Oprah!! <3

  • Hossy

    Yes!!! Go Kathy!!!! muah!!!! love it!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/spellwight Debbie Walker

    I’m so over Oprah. I’ve been over Oprah for years. The woman has lost her connection with the rest of the world. Yes Oprah, your poo stinks just like everyone else and if you can’t take a little ribbing about it then all the better for Kathy’s act.

    Get real again Poprah, or you’ll just provide more fodder for the funny people of the world.

  • Steph

    I’m with you Kathy!!

  • Debra Del Bianco

    Give Kathy a chance, she brings laughter to the masses!

  • http://www.chadmichaelpeters.com Chad Michael Peters


    I love your tenacity. But Oprah will never have you on that show of hers. Good luck. I can hardly wait to read the book.

  • Nichole

    I LOVE KATHY!! <3

  • Maggie

    I will support you as well, but not for Oprah. She annoys me. Goodl uck!

  • http://truebloodnet.com/author/elizabeth-breen/#tvg Elizabeth Dowler Breen

    I’m not a huge fan of ‘poprah’, but I love you & think you are fantastic, so I’ll support this, but only for YOU. Oprah is a has-been and I can’t wait until she retires!!! Maybe Judge Wapner will come back on?! I don’t know, I’m just saying. Thank god I work and am not home till 5PM…Good luck with this endeavor.

  • Sarah Hampton

    100 percent support!

  • http://www.therabbitsfoot.co.uk deb weetman

    It has to be on the show!!!

  • Melissa Zykan

    I Love Kathy and I Love Oprah. Would love to see them together! Can’t wait to read Kathy’s book!

  • Jonathan

    I support this petition.

  • Chad Hershner

    We love our Kathy and she deserves official recognition and anointment by OPRAH!!!

  • Ken Accomando

    Let her on!

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