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iLariousAward-winning writer and creator of VH1’s Best Week Ever Fred Graver has created a new company, iLarious. The company’s goal is to enable a team of comedy pros to deliver top-notch humor content right to your iPhone.

“Our initial business plan came down to three words,” Graver says. “F**k the Man.”

The idea for iLarious first developed during the most recent writer’s strike when comedy writers began coming up with ways to avoid the traditional route, and make money by bringing their humor straight to the public. Graver, who has been heavily involved with Internet projects as well as the development of Best Week Ever, teamed up with a group of friends to conquer the web. They funded this project out of their own pocket, and are splitting the revenue.

“We realized that we weren’t going to beat the market at coming up with the next novelty, the next iFart,” says Graver. “But we could come up with groups of really talented, great writers who could deliver professional content on a regular basis.”

iLarious has launched three iPhone apps thus far. The Onion’s “Action 5 Group” produced iNabler (an evil magic 8-ball) and iGgression (a sound app that allows you to express your rage through your iPhone). The third app—“This Just In”—features 10-15 topical jokes each day “as they happen” by some of the writers from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, and more.

iLarious will soon release a Halloween-themed app and an app entitled “WITTR”. WITTR is designed to be Twitter-turned-talk-show. It will allow users to follow a conversation between 10 comics at a time, included with their personal videos, audio, and photos. Some of the comics that have already signed on include Paul F. Tomkins, Larry Miller, Christian Finnegan, and Doug Benson.

Start downloading apps here. And check out for more info and some funny video promos from the participating comedians.

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Daniel Perlman

  • brad Montgomery

    I love this idea. I’m a comic/motivational speaker myself and agree that the challenge is to find what’s next. This is a very cool idea.

    I’ve got a project I just finished… iLaughOutLoud, which is an app that plays laughter sounds. What I think is unique about it is that it is really people laughing for real. No fake laughs. No sitcom sound tracks.

    So far the reviews have been great…. but the point is that comics/comedians really need to start looking over their shoulder for the next way to bring smiles to the faces of our audiences.

    Thanks…. cheers!


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