Soupy Sales dies at the age of 83

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soupy salesYou know the old cliché of a comedian getting a pie in the face? That wasn’t always a cliché. It became one only after Soupy Sales, who just passed away at the age of 83, got countless laughs out of it. Sales was a pioneer of slapstick comedy, and cracked up audiences of all ages with his bits on his T.V. shows and comedy albums starting in the early 50’s. To his credit, he was usually the one taking it…

Sales just passed away last night at Calvary Hospice in The Bronx after suffering from a number of health problems. He had an active career in comedy for over 30 years, and is perhaps best known for his children’s program, Lunch With Soupy Sales. The sketch comedy staple included beloved puppet characters, including White Fang and Black Tooth.

Though less visible over the past few years, Sales will be remembered fondly by the people who grew up laughing at his bits. He is survived by his wife, two sons, his brother and four grandchildren.

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  • Thomas Massalsky

    I grew up south of Detroit and WXYZ tv station carried Soupy’s show. My sister and I would watch him practically every day. We really loved him. I well remember White Fang, Black Tooth, Pooky, and Willy the Worm – as well as his explosive sneezes. Until I opened my 2010 Almanac I did not know tha Soupy had passed away. I was shocked and saddened.

    Later in my life, I also recall his night time show and his fill-in spots on Hollywood Squares. I always enjoyed Soupy. I thought his stunt with “green pieces of paper” was absolutely hilarious, how-be-it, somewhat ethically skewed. It didn’t dim my approval of him. He will be greatly missed.

  • Samantha K

    Soupy Sales seemed to be ahead of the times with the format of his show, talking/joking with the camera, etc.; he was a great entertainer to be sure

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