Bob Odenkirk is lawyer Saul; you better call him

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Viral marketing! Who loves it? Mostly –the internet. Also –American Movie Classics. Indeed, to garner attention for the third season of AMC’s Breaking Bad (premiering March 21 at 10pm), a website has been created for the beloved and recurring shady lawyer character Saul Goodman. Played by the legendary Bob Odenkirk of Mr. Show fame, the lawyer is advertised at, an intentionally cheap-looking website full of bad graphics, hidden links, and cheesy clipart decorations (eg: hamsters, beer bottles, explosions).

Though meant entirely to promote Breaking Bad, there’s a decent deal of humorous videos of client testimonials, law firm commercials, and legal advice, not to mention webcam footage of Odenkirk receiving fellatio from a client –pretty much everything you could ask for in a website.

There are some good laughs on the site, likely owed to Odenkirk’s creative input. You get to see Saul contest crimes like tiger owning, murder, and prostitution, and best yet there’s a photo spread of Odenkirk in various lawyer outfits, including the “Listen to me, jury” Suit, Mellow Yellow Meets Feisty Leopard, and velour. Some jokes fall a bit flat, but honestly just getting to see some more Bob Odenkirk and rooting through the site for Easter eggs was pretty enjoyable.

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