Roseanne blames Mormonism for Marie Osmond’s son’s suicide

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Roseanne BarrIn a post on her blog, the always provocative stand-up comedian Roseanne Barr insinuated that the recent suicide of Marie Osmond’s son, Michael Blosil, had less to do with his innate depression than with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ archaic stance on homosexuality. Roseanne writes:

… because he had been told how wrong and how sick he was every day of his life by his church and the people in it. Calling that “depression” is a lie!

Yet the Osmonds still talk lovingly about their church, saying nothing about its extremely anti-gay Crusade. Marie also has a gay daughter! Hey, I want her and all the gay kids in the world to know that they are just fine being gay and that they deserve love and respect instead of insults and rebuke! I have gay people in my family and my circle of friends and I am kicking bigot ass and taking names!

Roseanne has also apparently invented her own religion, which she goes on to make mention of in the post but leaves many details out. But hey, if the First Church of Roseanne is all about tolerance and acceptance, I’m all about it. Plus, I bet she’d give some killer sermons.

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  • Finn’sMom

    As an exMormon, their unmitigated intolerance and bigotry toward anything nonhetero, is openly status Quo, preached from their pulpits. Why do you think the Mormons flooded into CA enmasse, to overthrow the initiative to allow gay marriage. I have friends who have left, with lawyers to strike their names off Mormon records, because they were happy to take their 10% gross, tithing, while denying them all the covenants every “normal” member is bestowed. They are not only greedy, but extremely hypocritical, but I guess that could be because they study and revere the teachings of that scammer, Joseph Smith, more than they do those of Jesus Christ. SMH, my heart goes out to all LGBT people being abused by their heartless doctrine.

  • John Harvie Garrett

    If my religion said wear a pink hat and bark like a dog then thats what I would do.

  • Carlie

    WOW I just now learned about this horrific tragedy. How awful. But really How insensitive of Roseanne to place blame. Who even asked her opinion. It is no one’s fault. Stop trying to place blame! Marie hasn’t blamed anyone for it, so Roseanne in my opinion should just keep her disgusting opinions to herself.

  • Bringem Young

    There is no doubt that Mormonism is to blame. Mormonism has been at the root of Maries depression for many many years. Mormons are taught that you are never good enough, and that you should always feel guilty for so many things. There is a HUGE problem with perscription and anti depression drugs within the mormon church. Especially with women.

    The other problem is that the majority of mormons do not even know their own religion, they just talk out of their asses.

    There are many example in this string alone.

    Stephanie said
    am March 7 2010 @ 6:32 pm

    “To Joe Smyth…

    Once again you are not a mormon and you are writing about something you know nothing about. First…Boyd K. Packer is not a Prophet…”

    Well Stephanie, All mormon apostles are ordained as prophets, seers, and revelators.

    Its all hokey, but that is mormon doctrine. Just like any cult, the blind sheeple (Stephanies) just jabber on like broken records repeating over and over things they know nothing about.

    Mormonism = HATE. Hate for anyone different, for anyone who thinks for themselves. They hate other religions (all other creeds are an abomination) they hate blacks, gays, educated women, education in general. (BYU does not count. Its a cult school.)

  • Chris Maurizio

    Ever think that maybe it wasn’t the church but the biggoted people in our country? Every day young men and women commit suicide because they are gay and persecuted for being gay. Ellen just came out with a video message about this. I like Roseanne’s commitment to stamp out biggotry, however, let’s not blame the Mormons – the Catholics and many other religions are exactly the same way…

  • Bill Fitzgerald

    The young man made a decision to take his life. Bad decision. The Church of Jesus Christ does not teach a person to do this, neither does God. Maybe he had a mental illness and won’t be accountable for his action. Maybe he was gay and felt guilty about it. None of us know. Leave it in the hands of they who created this beautiful world for us to live in and grow through trials and adversity. Now in response to Stephanie, Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet. Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the restoration And the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is True. Many a person has tried to stop it, it cannot be done. It will, and is filling the earth in preparation for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Study it, learn of it, and do everything you can to be a part of it. You will be blessed.

  • linda

    I totally agree with Roseanne!
    I have a Gay daughter and she is a wonderful person.
    Though I feel for Marie for her lose, I am very upset with how she made her Gay daughter and son feel.
    In public she is all for it, but you just know she is not for it and is a hypocrite.
    Maybe some of those tears she shed were from Guilt!
    Her religion is no better then scientology….John Travolta and your wife, are you listening? Maybe your sweet son would still be alive if you left that stupid cult.
    Marie….your religion does not approve of divorce and yet you divorced 2 times…Don’t you think telling your two Gay children they were wrong to be Gay is hypocritical of you and your family.
    I have lost so much respect for you! And btw…we dont care about your stupid weight lose!

  • Dave Stewart

    I can only speak for myself.

    I love being a Mormon.

  • Jamie

    Roseanne Barr is a loud-mouthed bitch who should shut the hell up when she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Michael’s friends and family have stated definitively that he was NOT gay, and Marie has been outspoken in her love and support for her gay daughter.

    Roseanne is neither funny nor smart. She should really just shut up and grow a heart.

  • Stephanie

    To Joe Smyth…

    Once again you are not a mormon and you are writing about something you know nothing about. First…Boyd K. Packer is not a Prophet…

    Second, Marie’s daughter is gay and is fully excepted and loved WHY WOULD HE FEEL ANY DIFFERENTLY??

  • Showho

    To Utah Steve
    Buggery and Grab-ass antics? WOW Steve, this is where you Mormon Bigots PROVE YOUR INDELIBLE IGNORANCE! I’ve been celibate for years at a time, so does that make me a Grab-Ass Bugger-er? Oh, and by the way Steve, I was also RAISED Mormon and let me tell you I am HAPPIER (and not just because I’m gay) for leaving that soul-choking, TOXIC WASTE DUMP than I’ve EVERY been. Your ARROGANT, ELITIST stance supporting Prop 8 has clearly been a declaration of WAR! AND YOU KNOW WHAT STEVE???? A WAR IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO GET!!!

  • Chris

    I think her comment is in poor taste, but it is essentially spot on. The Mormon Faith has a big problem with homosexuality and its effects on their “utopia”. It is estimated that 42 PERCENT of the homeless population in Salt Lake City are gay teens and young adults who were essentially discarded like trash from their so called christian families. It is even a big enough problem that it was the theme of a major release at Sundance.

    Link to homeless article:

    Link to prop 8 movie:

    And not to even mention the lobotomies and other horrors that occurred at BYU in the 1970’s on gay students.

  • Joe Smyth

    Boyd K Packer who is a prophet and apostle of the Mormon church has said that the 3 biggest threats to the church are 1. Feminists 2. Homosexuals 3. Scholars and intellectuals.

    As a mormon her son would feel no love from the church and always be reminded he would never go to heaven and was less of a person by who he was.

    The mormon church is a cult where conformity and obiedience is demanded. It is no wonder Utah has such a high rate of anti depression use and leads the nation in pornography subscriptions online.

    The people are repressed and are ready to freak out.

  • Blake

    As an openly gay Mormon living in Utah I can tell you that I have absolutely zero respect for Rosanne Barr. I think her opportunistic ways at the misfortune of a family’s loss is unforgivable and damning to her character. I would never patron this type of discrimination based on ones religious background. Marie Osmond’s actions and words have been in favor of gay marriage and she has always supported her family. Rosanne Barr SHAME SHAME SHAME you are disgusting! Too early, if there ever is a good time to capitalize off something like this; now is not it. You Rosanne Barr are a BEAST. I hate what you wrote. HATE IT! It does not reflect what I think in any sense of the word. You are an awful, awful person; you are ugly on the inside and out.

  • utahsteve

    Talk about , look at ME! What’s disgusting is how gays try to make anyone who is repulsed by their buggery and grab ass antics the ones in the wrong? Yea,life its all about making everything ok to relieve you guilt. Sorry you all are not special. Lol..God speed Michael, may you and your family find peace now. You are free from the grasp of the gay clown troupers. Rosanne, you are a ‘pig from hell’and always will be because you are dark within. your consming hate for those who choose to respect boundries.will consume you. good day.

  • kris


    I would say that Roseanne is absolutely correct in the message that Mormons are exceptionally bigoted against the homosexual community. However, I feel it is very, very bad taste for her to speculate on the reason for his suicide, and down-right disrespectful to insinuate his mother was a part of it. Marie Osmond is a wonderful person and I would be shocked if she had anything to do with his decision to take his own life.

    Roseanne is right in part, and distasteful in others.

  • Joy

    People deal with grief in their own way.
    I had to return to work the DAY AFTER my step-dad passed away,would I have liked to take time off?
    You bet but when obligations are to be met sometimes you have to do what you have to do no matter what you are going through personally.

  • John Mickelson

    Roseanne’s characterization of the LDS church’s teachings and actions regarding homosexuals is not one that I have ever heard in all my many years as a member of the LDS church. Contrary to her assertion that homosexuals are told how sick they are every day of their lives by the church and the people in it, the church actively teaches love towards homosexuals while not condoning their lifestyle. Mormons believe in a moral code of sexual abstinence outside of lawful marriage and fidelity within marriage. This code applies equally to heterosexuals and homosexuals. Those with homosexual feelings but don’t have sexual relations are not restriced in their church activities. They may hold church offices, go to the temple and serve missions. If they do engage in sexual relations, then they are asked to repent of such behavior, the same as is done for heterosexuals engaging in similar behavior outside of marriage.

    I encourage Rosanne to read the LDS church’s position on same-gender attraction at: before she make more erroneous statements.

  • linda


  • linda


  • faith

    MARIE,i’m sorry for your loss,it’s really bad some people hasnt got a heart in times of sorrow. maybe a big candy bar might help keep her mouth shut!this person shouldn’t point fingers at no one, it might happen to them down the road and they sure wouldnt like it if it was her child!

  • Barbara

    Roseanne, your life is more SCREWED UP. Get a life, you hypocrite.

  • Dawn

    Homosexuality is an abomination to our God. This is in the bible. However He does not hate anyone. He loves us all. He hates the sin and wants US ALL to turn from our sins, whatever they are, and come to Him. But whether or not Michael was gay or what his lifestyle may have been…is irrelevent. The sad point is…he took his own precious life and is no gone from this world. A mother is grieving and will never get over this great loss. Let us not listen to the Roseanne’s of the world or anyone else that wants to point fingers when what we should be doing is realizing a human life has been lost. We are all human and we all have children, and mothers, and sisters, and brothers and friends. We should think of how we would feel if we were in Marie’s place right now. Love is the key.

  • gurv


    Wait, wait, wait… so you jump on Jackie and attack her because how on earth could we really know what was going on in a person’s head and then immediately assume she’s homophobic?

    Did the irony of your hypocrisy go right over the top of your head or did you just incorrectly think you were being witty?

  • Bebe

    I understand people have an issue with the Church of LDS stance on homosexuality — I have an issue with it. However, I don’t think blame should be assigned when we don’t know the specifics of this boy’s life. He may be a poster boy for the suffering of young gay people in the Mormon Church… or he may not. We don’t even know how religious this person was. I believe all of Donny’s children went off to LDS missions around that age but Michael Bryan (Blosil) did not.

  • Debbie

    Can’t anyone respect the families privacy and just leave the comments and criticism out of this issue. Let the family grieve and stop delivering
    pain and misery to them. Who cares what any of us think…..

  • old enough

    I am old enough to remember and know facts of Roseanne’s roots and her early years as a Utahn. Ask her where she spent a considerable amount of time. She should talk!!!!

  • sybil flynn

    roseanne has always been a big mouth pig amen

  • Jackie

    @Josh –

    So, you bet I’m a homophobe? Boy would you be shocked at my lifestyle.

    I don’t know more than you? Well, I know that EVERY religion in the world discriminates against gays at some level, which is disgusting. I know that using the death of any 18-year-old to attack one religion with no information about his relationship to that religion is hate-mongering and yes, disgusting. I know that neither he nor anyone around him has confirmed his sexuality.

    I know that Marie Osmond responded to the outing of her lesbian daughter by saying “So what if my daughter’s gay?” and is also said by everyone talking about Michael to have been very close to him – speaking to him daily and visiting him weekly.

    I know that all Marie’s brothers went to David Osmond’s concert, which had been planned for months and was sold out. Marie ASKED them to go, and they agreed that Jimmy would stay with her. All of her brothers also stayed with her from the time she found out about her son.

    I know that Donny and Jimmy had spent a lot of time with Michael, filling in as father figures and they’re both distraught that they apparently weren’t able to do enough.

    Seems I know alot more than you – and Roseanne.

  • Susan

    I am appalled at anyone who attacks one reason or the other for this tragedy. Depression is a SERIOUS illness and has a number of causes. To sit here an make up stuff about people you don’t know and situations you are not involved in shows a huge amount of ignorance. The fact is DEPRESSION is deadly! We diminish its importance with ridiculous speculation like Roseanne and the others who support her on this. I fully support Gays and am not a bigot because I disagree with this ignorance. Our country needs to cut the crap and really take a look at the causes of depression, improved treatment and better understanding of the brain. The anger and injustice is about the disease not receiving the proper attention!

  • Teresa

    WOW! Roseanne. I can’t believe that you would kick someone in the gut when they
    are already down and devasated about their childs death and I don’t care WHAT they believe or you believe. Marie and her family just lost their son, brother and cousin and I think it would be GREAT if you would kept your mouth shut!!

  • Mike

    Didnt Roseanne grab her crotch while singing the national anthem several years ago. Anything she says holds no merritt with me. Her judgement is abviously off.


    Rosanne has not lost her child, so she has no idea of the pain. GOD willing she never does. Her comments were heartless.

  • Scott

    Kudos to Roseanne for speaking the truth! Finally someone has the guts to speak out against the evils of the Mormon church.

  • Donna

    My heart goes out to Marie and her family. It is so easy for everyone to criticize but the only person who understands why he felt he had no other choice is no longer with us. We can all blame the LDS Church for their stand on Homosexuality but are they the only religion that does not support that lifestyle?? and society in general is not very tolerant as well. If this was his reason for not wanting to go on, that is very sad because there are many people who live that lifestyle and are very happy. It is a lifestyle I do not personally understand but I believe people should have the right to live their lifes the way they choose as long as it is not hurting others. Maybe one day the world will be more accepting.

    • Finn’sMom

      Good for you, but the Mormons have zero tolerance for that lifestyle, I know, I was once a member before I woke the hell up!!!

  • pj

    People no matter who they are are way too judgemental about things they know NOTHING about!

  • Stephanie

    I find it extremely hard to believe that the reason he commited suicide was because he thought he was gay and would be unaccept…. This is a bunch of crap… His sister is gay and Marie is ok with that, read the article below if you don’t believe me…


    • Finn’sMom

      As an exMormon, I know many LGBT children who have left in droves due to the Mormon intolerance and denial of allowing them, or their offspring, the benefit of the covenants offered to “normal” members. The ones who have stayed are truly unhappy, feel,isolated, humiliated and there is much self-hatred among them, for continually being castigated! The Church has no place for “the unclean”, they are doomed to hell, as are all people whom are not Saints, Latter-Day Saints! That might include you.

  • Annette Thomas

    How dare you Roseanne? This family is going through hell. Uh, do you know them personally? Where you in their church on Sunday morning or Saturday for that matter? Marie has always supported her children. I have heard her say of her daughter that “she is my daughter and I am not going to stop loving her”.

    Be careful Roseanne. The measuring stick you have used will have a way of coming back and judging your deeds as well!

    Are you always going to stay ignorant?

    • Finn’sMom

      How dare the Mormon Church!!!! Yes, I once belonged, but left after realizing just how crazy the beliefs were and how they revered that charlatan, Joesph Smith, over Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is an atrocious, almost incoherent, uneducated, ungrammatical, joke! Roseanne lived her foremost years in Utah, so I give her credit for knowing how these “Saints” conduct themselves. Be rest assured, they are a lot like the Muslims, if you are not one of them you are the infidel and doomed to hell.

  • Sarah

    Well said Jackie!

  • Josh

    @Jackie — You don’t know any more than I do or Roseanne does if it was a classic case of depression or the result of homophobic bigotry, or both, which lead to Michael Blosil’s suicide. So where do you get off calling her “disgusting?” I bet you are a homophobe too, which is why you are telling everyone to keep quiet. You know what? Those of us who’ve dealt with the discrimination based upon sexual orientation which is rampant in this country are DONE BEING QUIET and if you don’t like it — too bad. I’m thankful that Roseanne is publicly decrying the Mormon Church’s position on homosexuality, because Lord knows somebody needs to, and as someone who grew up in Utah — an outcast, I might add, because she is Jewish — Roseanne is uniquely qualified. You go, girl.

  • Sue

    I will say this, Briam Blosil played a huge part in Micheals’s Death and so did the Mormon Chruch. It is true on how they look uopn peoiple who are gay. And her Brothers, what Hypercrites, especially Alan Osmond. This Jerk went to a opening party for his Son David’s new album not 3 days after his Newphew’s death. These people did not give a damn about Marie or her children, especially for the adopted ones. Alan as usual started Boo-Hooing about his Son David and how strong David was to come out and make a record, not mentioning once how his nephew was a good kid and that he would be missed. Alan is a brain-washed Asshole that shouldn’t be anywhere near showbusiness. He doesn’t understand that the public don’t want him or his Sons, they just want Donny & Marie. And then Alan invited that peice of shit Brian Blosil, who walked in grinning like the Village Idiot and like nothing had happened to at all. What peices of Dog shit they are! The Mormons are a cult! They are not good people. They are the Wolf in sheep’s clothing!

  • Jackie

    Roseanne’s comments are disgusting. She needs to keep her big mouth shut. Marie embraced her son’s life – whatever is was. We don’t know anything about his sexuality. But, we do know from Michael’s friends that he was surrounded by people who accepted and loved him, and that he was “very close to his Mom.” He was in college in LA going to a fashion school. How does that equate to him being rebuked? Disgusting comments from someone who perhaps would rather diminish the disease of depression because she’s unable to heal herself.

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