Heidi Montag's sister, Holly attempts stand-up comedy at Comedy Store

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Holly MontagPerhaps tired of her younger sister Heidi Montag getting all the attention from her recent Frankenstein-like battery of plastic surgeries, Holly Montag took to the stage at the famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles recently. After all, no profession screams “look at me” more than stand-up.

And since The Hills, the MTV show Holly was featured on 17 times, was canned after last year, she, no doubt is looking to make her own waves.

But, is she any good at this? Check out the video below, and let your opinions fly!

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  • Diane Frances

    Hey, it’s not easy doing stand up…I give Holly props for trying. Besides, has anyone freeze-framed the comming attractions for the Hills where Heidi is crying? She looks like that cat woman.

  • Sean Fitzpatrick

    HAHAHAHA, And I am the guy from Baltimore who got the yummmy blood on my seat, thanks again holly! bahahaha what a CRAZY night.

  • http://www.chaseroper.com Chase Roper

    Well, to be totally fair, she’s probably captivating the audience a bit more than a typical new comer because she’s a pseudo-celebrity. That said, I agree with Jon Wilson. She’s already trying to speak from her own point of view instead of contrived material. If she’s serious about pursuing this as a career then she’s off to a good start. Especially having your first time ever be at the Comedy Store and immediately posted here. I wish her luck.

  • Travesty

    Haha, no, it just means she’s beyond horrible.

  • mervelousMEGUMI

    @Travesty: Isn’t “shitty Dane Cook” redundant?

  • http://facebook.com/jonwilsoncomedy Jon Wilson

    She is doing a terrific job. She’s getting laughs, she’s not using notes, and she feels the freedom to be herself and to talk about her real life, even when it’s embarrassing.

    Most people have no idea how difficult that all is, especially for someone who’s newer at it.

  • Travesty

    No, she’s not funny. She just looks like any pretty girl in a bar, who is just talking, and everybody laughs/pays attention, cause she’s hot. One guy keeps laughing in the crowd, and her stuff is horrible. She’s not even making actual jokes, she’s just talking about tampons, periods, and alcohol, and there’s no real punchlines. It’s like she’s a shitty Dane Cook. I wish her luck, cause we all suck at the beginning, but no, she’s not that good right now.

  • Charles

    is it really stand up if all you do is complain about a run-in you were involved in? But hey she got laughs, so there’s that….

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