Punchline Magazine’s dispataches from Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival, part 3

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Melbourne International Comedy FestivalOne of my first nights at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival I attended David O’Doherty “David O’Doh-party” at the Forum Theatre, a grand space with Grecian statues and a sky blue ceiling in the entry and hallways. It is meant to serve as a theater so the stage –which was quite large – was built out lower and closer to the audience and portable speakers served as a makeshift amplification system. This festival is truly for the audiences and not an industry schmooze fest so, unlike other festivals I’ve attended, pass holders are the last to be seated rather than given priority. As such, we were relegated to front row right next to the speakers.

Prior to the show, I wasn’t familiar with David or his work. From what I gathered the Irish comedian is best known for his original songs played on a portable ’86 Yamaha keyboard. His nearly one hour show, however, consisted mostly of stand up –topics ranged from religion to global warming and general observation — peppered with a short song here and there. The man cannot sing and his lyrics are really run on sentences strung to music but no matter, that’s all part of his charm. Bushy hair & disheveled, David was sincerely enjoyable, offering thoughtful and hilarious insight on life and urging us to aim to have a “nice time.” Nothing more than that, just a “nice time.”

Towards the end, he read a bit from his new book co-written with Claudia O’Doherty (no relation) called 100 Facts About Pandas and cracked jokes on the ridiculous reviews they’ve received from folks who clearly didn’t get that the book didn’t contain REAL facts. The snippets he read were quite funny & served as a good bit of cross-promotion. Not only want to check out his book, I definitely wanted to see Claudia’s show.

All in all, it was a very funny “nice time.”

While it doesn’t appear from his calendar that he’ll be in the U.S. any time in the near future, thanks to YouTube you can enjoy him any old time you like.

Random Fact: “Carpet Grubs” is Aussie slang for “children”.

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