Simon King: Unfamous Comedian

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Dear java junkies and caffeinds of all kinds: To survive that, oh, one minute when Starbucks closes to clean the coffee machines and drag the bulging moneybags to the bank, may we suggest you mainline the adrenaline teeming from Unfamous Comedian, the Robin Williamsian–wild new comedy CD from Simon King.

Forget wind, solar and nuclear power: King may be the best alternative-energy source in America. He recorded this riotous release in one take at the Comedy Underground in Seattle — and in one breath, it seems.

Just listening to him race from joke to joke may qualify as an aerobic workout for everyone except King, who, judging from his Baconator body, exercises only his right of free speech. Always aggressive but never cruel, King walks onstage and then sprints through his eclectic set, opening the main vein of his imagination and unleashing all the quirkiness that makes this disc from Uproar Entertainment so different, so interesting and so vigorously entertaining.

He works at Robin Williams’ demented pace, but King has a bit of antic Jim Breuer and Frank Caliendo in him too. In laughably loony premises his animation and comic cred make plausible, King mocks (Nazis, Catholics, Cheney, Jesus and jihadists) and mimics (llamas, Brits, Aussies and the most insidious earthlings of all: the baby mamas and baby daddys on The Maury [Povich] Show). An hour later, King finally decelerates and relaxes, and the audience and listeners, like fitness fanatics, are left winded but exhilarated.

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