Posehn, Silverman hint at end of Sarah Silverman Program

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Sarah Silverman

Tomorrow marks the season finale of the Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central. As with any show — especially on cable — there’s always a chance the show won’t come back for another season. However, the popularity of Sarah and co. and this show would make it seem like an obvious decision for Comedy Central to renew.

But if you remember, this season barely happened after the cast had demanded higher pay days. It was only after sister network LOGO stepped in to shuffle some bucks around that production began.

Two days ago, SSP writer/producer and main dude Rob Schrab Tweeted: “Season (SERIES?) FINALE of the Sarah Silverman Program this Thursday, starring Ed Asner as a Nazi.”

In an interview posted yesterday on TV Squad, SSP star and comedian Brian Posehn all but said this would be the end of the show, saying, “I feel like we’re lucky to have done what we’ve done, and I would be very happy to come back and do a season four. But I’d also be completely surprised if it happened.”

And then hours later, co-star Laura Silverman told her fans via Twitter, “If you want more #sarahsilvermanprogram tweet @ComedyCentral and let them know. It’s up to you! Power to the People, Right On.”

At most, all of this points to the probable end of a great show– unless, of course, the cast is just trying to drum up buzz in order to score some huge season finale numbers.

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  • dood

    I hope it’s the end. The first season was epic, the second was solid, but this season SUCKED…other than May Kadoody.

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