New Kevin Pollak web series Vamped Out lacks laughs

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Kevin Pollak’s new web series Vamped Out premiered this week on Babelgum. But for someone who was named one of the top 100 comedians of all time by Comedy Central, this faux documentary about a real life vampire certainly lacks any jokes.

The documentary focuses on Alowisus Hewson (played by Jason Antoon), who is an actual vampire trying to make it as an actor. He auditions for vampire roles yet gets turned down by more vampire-looking actors such as Billy Zane. Director Elliot Finke (played by Pollak), follows Hewson around as he goes through his everyday vampire life, which include such activities as visiting his human girlfriend (who just so happens to work at a blood bank), and meetings with his acting manager Billy Goldborg (played by Samm Levine).

The first episode is slow and provides barely a laugh as Hewson picks up blood from his girlfriend, and has a meeting with his boss (where we are forced to endure a 30 second humorless dialogue about paintings). His manager eventually tells Hewson he has come across a character “he was put on this earth to do,” which leads to a read-through scene between Hewson and his girlfriend. Hewson acts with a weird Mitch Hedberg like drawl, confusing both the reader and his own girlfriend.

The episode ends with Hewson complaining about other vampire actors who aren’t real vampires which causes some sort of vampire heart attack (which is blamed on the blood he drank earlier in the day – can’t we all relate?). Unfortunately, the episode fails to give the viewer any sort of emotional connection to Hewson’s character, and thus leaves us not caring whether he dies or not (can vampires die from a heart attack?).

Overall we give this web series a C (blood type). Check it out below and tell us what you think.

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Jonathan Morvay

  • Ward Stradlater

    I respectfully DISAGREE with you Mr. Morvay! And I cracked up when I saw Kevin Pollak respond this way to you. Hilarious!

    I absolutely LOVED the first episode of “Vamped Out”. It reminded me of Spinal Tap and or one of those English comedies which is much more subtle than our lame American crap we are forced to watch. I can imagine something like this on cable.

    Also – I laughed about 15 times and actually for a webseries I appreciate the time it took to settle in and get to known the characters. I’ll be looking forward to more.

    It seemed like this reviewer or blogger didn’t get it.

    I did! And I love it!

  • Kevin Pollak

    Hey, genius, congrats on being not just the first, but the ONLY negative review that this first episode has received. Literally, you completely missed every single nuanced comedic aspect of this show, it’s characters and point of view. In my entire career, I’ve never spoken, responded or rebuffed a critic’s “opinion,” but you missed this one by SUCH an absurd margin that I just had to mention it.

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