New York Arab-American Comedy Festival to feature first ever all-Arab language show in the U.S.

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Arab  American Comedy FestivalIt’s a comedy institution with a little bit of a twist to this year’s festivities. Although the New York Arab-American Comedy Festival has consistently delivered quality performances and often edgy, seat-gripping doses of political incorrectness, one hurtle it has never cleared is the inclusion of Arab-language comedy.

Until this year. Slated for this year’s bill for the May 5–9 show is Stand Up in Arabic, the festival’s inaugural foray into the realm of Arab-language comedy. Not only a first in the festival’s history, but in the country’s, too: indeed, this will prove the first time an all Arab-language comedy event has ever been performed in the U.S.

Other notable festival highlights include The Haram Show, a so-called “dirty Arab comedy show” (audience members must be 18+, so one can only imagine what sort of comedic mayhem is set to ensue); an exclusive appearance by Abbas Nory Abood, an Iraqi comedic actor; and Arab Idol, a free comedy workshop for the festival’s attendees interested in making the leap from audience member to onstage star.

For more tickets and information, please visit the festival’s website at:

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