Conan O'Brien 'flirts with restrictions' as he breaks his silence on 60 Minutes

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Conan O'BrienThe time has come. Conan O’Brien is now permitted, per his contract with NBC, to speak openly on television or in print about his final days at the network. And longtime news magazine show 60 Minutes has scored the exclusive. The interview will air in full this Sunday, May 2, one day after Coco is officially allowed to talk.

The 60 Minutes piece, will, according to the New York Times, “include highlights from Mr. OBrien’s current stage tour. But it will center on the comic’s comments about the fractious events surrounding his decision to leave NBC rather than accept having his show pushed back a half-hour to make room for Jay Leno to return to late-night television.”

OBrien is still under restrictions not to disparage NBC or Mr. Leno. “He flirts with the restrictions,” correspondent Steve Kroft, who did the interview, told the Times.

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