Joe Rogan: Talking Monkeys in Space

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A loopy hour-long lecture with hilarious punch lines describes Talking Monkeys in Space, the latest CD from the always voluble and volcanic Joe Rogan.

Consider this release from Comedy Central Records, Comedy 303, a master class in creative joke writing from Rogan, whose onstage persona resembles that of an eccentric, engaging and thoroughly engrossing teacher. In the end, his wild theories about life, love and the loco weed loosely educate but mostly entertain the class, or, in this case, the audience listening to Rogan riotously rant at the Southern Theatre in Columbus, Ohio.

The hardly abstinence-minded professor imparts uproarious lessons in biology (identifying the microscopic culprits — commando sperm! — responsible for surprise pregnancy), anthropology (debating creationism and evolution without, unlike the Religious Right, going ape) and what amounts to a short course in rehabilitative theology (an imagined, well, sexorcism between the Rev. Ted Haggard and the Anti-Gay Team enlisted to vigorously shepherd the vacillating vicar back to the heterosexual flock).

The professor turns confessor throughout this album, which concludes with a raucous Q&A. He cheerily and endearingly spills his sexual and pharmaceutical peccadilloes with his students, disclosures that help ground his utterly outré approach to comedy.

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