Bob Saget inks reality show deal with A&E

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Bob SagetIt seems comedian Bob Saget, who has seen an incredible resurgence in popularity in the last five years – due to his stand-up touring, his narration duties on How I Met Your Mother and, of course, Comedy Central’s roast in honor of him – has another project in the works. If you’ve been paying attention to his Twitter feed, you’ll already know this. If not, however, the brass at A&E just made it official.

A&E announced that Saget, who’s sitcom Surviving Suburbia was canceled last year after one season, is set to host Strange Days with Bob Saget, wherein the Full House alum “immerses himself in strange cultures, practices and occupations,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Sounds to me like a mix between Discovery’s long-running Dirty Jobs and the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. That may not be a bad thing, since I enjoy both of those shows immensely. Saget will be joining fellow comedian Larry the Cable Guy in the reality show world this year; the Blue Collar comic is hosting a show on the History Channel called Only in America, which sounds like an American-only version of what Saget’s doing. Confused yet?

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  • Ray Kelly

    Bob, I am a fairly famous pencil artist and actor [4 movies and about 30 tv shows].BUT what I suggest for a tv show is to come to South Dakota where I live and shoot and you and I can block with 12 gauge shotguns as pheasant hunters push birds to us and shoot at them and sometimes at us. It is quite a rush if a pheasant is flying wrong toward a ‘blocker’ and you wind up ‘eating’ dirt so that you can avoid getting sprayed with buckshot. [It really is pretty safe but you wind up getting spooked all too often.] So what do you think. I can get other ‘blockers’, Frank Stallone, Jimmy Fortune of the Statler Bros. Hank Williams, Jr. sister Jett, and so on. It could new and exciting for a guy like you to experience something totally new. Thanks Ray Kelly.

  • bobsagetluver

    Bob Saget and i had a wonderful time with eachother with one of his comedy tours. It was very funny with lots of laughs. One night i was supposed to show him around town the night before his show and we found this cute little tiki hut bar. Well long story short we drank a little to much and now it will always be a night i will never forget ;)And every month he still comes to visit the baby.. what a guy!

  • Terry

    I made a cake for one of the episodes. I can’t wait to see the series. I think it is going to be good! :)

  • Dan & Janet Abbott

    We enjoyed hosting Bob Saget & his film crew at the inn for a scene on “Strange Days.” We’re anxiously awaiting its release. Here’s the local newspaper’s coverage of the event:


    I had the pleasure of spending over 2 days with Bob Saget or better known to us as SAG.I have to say it was a pleasure meeting him and showing him our lifestyle here in the MC World.He caight on quick and was very respectful about our ways and lifestyle.I even tried to teach him how to ride my Bike,but that’s another story in itself.Looking forward to seeing Strange Days on A&E soon I hope.And looking even more forward to him coming to south florida on tour.Take care SAG and your welcome to ride with us anytime.Your Big Brother Sleeper….

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