Alec Baldwin proves funny and familiar on Saturday Night Live

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Watching the season finale of Saturday Night Live felt a lot like lunch the day after Thanksgiving… slapping together a bunch of odds and ends, reheating leftovers, adding a few new ingredients to turn that same turkey into a turkey salad sandwich. I’m by no means saying it was bad… how could it be with Alec Baldwin hosting for the 15th time? But coming off the hot orthopedic heels of last week, this episode felt like pajamas and paper plates to Betty White’s good china and dining room attire. Laid-back. Comfortable.

Grab a spork. Here are a few of the show’s yummiest dishes.

Baldwin sauntered casually onto the stage for his monologue, which both demonstrated and hinged on his vast experience in the role of hosting. He called out newbie Betty White and, as expected, called out Steve Martin, who is now tied for most times hosting. How he did it was unexpected, however. And so was the turn in topic, with some great one-liners and a perfect culminating punch line.

Andy Samberg’s digital short immediately followed and was a fantastically freaky musical number that included a few twisted turns of its own.

The show had a few twists and turns, too… as in Nasim Pedrad and Abby Elliott each getting some spotlight time. Pedrad reprised her parentally-obsessed Bedilia character, this time focusing all her attention on her dad (Baldwin). Elliott spoofed Sally Field’s osteoporosis ads with a commercial for “Preniva,” a drug which will strengthen your bones, but can’t solve your real problems…

Jenny Slate got to play a hooker opposite Baldwin as a business man. Still, seeing Pedrad and Elliott featured only made it all the more weird that we didn’t see Slate’s signature doorbell/answering machine girl. It’s especially odd given Baldwin’s accent acumen.

As Kostas, however, he did get to show off a Greek accent, that is in between trying to keep a straight face and busting some saucy lovemaking moves in “Grady Wilson’s Intimate and International.”

And though it was more funny for Baldwin’s wig than anything, the Hudson Valley Swim Team awards distribution did give Baldwin a chance to bust out some Boston. It was also an opportunity for all the cast members (except Seth Meyers) to be seen. I mean, who knows what casting decisions could be made before Season 36 begins?

If I had to guess, I’d say Bobby Moynahan, of all the featured players, is safest for next season and should move to a full repertory role. If for no other reason, as long as Jersey Shore is on the air, his Snooki will always be fun to watch.

As for the ladies’ fates… Slate, Elliott and Pedrad haven’t really been positioned as any kind of stand-outs. In fact, in costume and makeup, it can sometimes be difficult even to tell them apart. I guess we’ve got a few months of speculation and reruns before we find out! See you then!

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