Dave and Jay Tell You Things: A simple, simply funny web series returns

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I have done the impossible! That’s right, I have folded a fitted sheet! How is that possible? Well, it’s all thanks to the professional help of comedians Dave Siegel and Jay Larson from Dave And Jay Tell You Things.

Dave And Jay Tell You Things — returning June 7 — is the only interactive question and answer show on Facebook and has been featured on FunnyOrDie.com. The two have “over six and a half years of undergraduate work between them, (and) have mastered the art of life.”

I didn’t believe the claim, but then I went on a marathon binge – on the scale of Lord Of The Rings proportions (minus about eight and a half hours) – watching all 12 episodes of the first season.

Side by side, the paid address questions from members of the show’s Facebook group—questions like, “Why is their no cancel button on an elevator?” Or “Who shot JFK?” Or “Why is there an apostrophe in Mo’Nique’s name if it doesn’t shorten anything?”

You’re going to have to watch to find out the answers.

After about a two-month hiatus, and speculation that the show would end due to “Dave or Jay going all Dave Chappelle,” the show is coming back for its second season.

“Without deviating too much from the formula that seemed to work so well in season one, we also saw how much better the show was getting as we went on and are definitely trying to continue that trend,” says Siegel.

The Funny Or Die offices have even offered the duo use of their studio and green screen for future episodes.

Siegel says they will only use these devices “if it would complement the show and reformat it,” but continued, “But I wouldn’t be opposed to incorporating a monkey either.”

Larson on the other hand had more serious goals for the show, saying “I’d like to try doing an episode live from a helicopter.”

Whatever the case may be, the future of Dave And Jay Tell You Things looks bright; after all who wouldn’t want to see what they would do with a green screen, a monkey and a helicopter? So, check out their Facebook page here or their FunnyOrDie profile here and start asking your questions.

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