Tina Fey to be presented with comedy award; Cosby, Carlin, Pryor are past honorees

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Tina FeyTina Fey has recently been announced to be the 2010 recipient of the highly prestigious Mark Twain Prize for American Humor; making her the youngest recipient ever for the award. She’s set to receive the prize Nov. 9 in Washington D.C., in a ceremony that in the past has seen appearances from some of the most prestigious faces in comedy, including David Letterman, Bob Newhart and Robin Williams.

In reference to Betty White’s recent appearance on Saturday Night Live, Fey commented, “I am truly thrilled to receive this honor. I assume Betty White was disqualified for steroid use.”

It’s quite the honor, though I doubt many of us are surprised; Fey is a recent and well-known master of comedy. Whether it’s her famed Sarah Palin impression, her brilliant brainchild 30 Rock, or that nerdy beauty of hers that sends fanboys and girls into fits of swooning and Internet babble, we’re very familiar with her, and the fact that she is hilarious.

She’ll be joining ranks with previous award winners George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Steve Martin and Richard Pryor, among others. Given these names though, it does beg the question: is she ready for the prize?

Not denying the fact that she’s funny as hell, it’s rather a question of whether she has yet earned that level of comedic renown. She may certainly be on her way, but does she deserve this recognition now? Is giving this prize to Fey like Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize? Discuss!

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Reid Faylor

  • http://321contact.bigcartel.com Brie

    Of course Tina deserves it. She spent years on SNL before jumping into the critically lauded and super funny 30 Rock. I think her Betty White line is funny, too. The girl is witty. And if you’re a Betty White fan – Check them out http://321contact.bigcartel.com

  • Travesty

    This really is a no-brainer, if you ask me. She’s hardworking, has created a lot of material, but most of all, she delivers. She’s not to much “hit-or-miss”, she seems to be spot on, and has been this way for quite some time. As much time and effort that she’s put into comedy, I think this is more then well deserved. Props to her, for sure.

  • Jacob

    Also, think about some of the comedians/humorists who have not been honored-
    Woody Allen
    Mel Brooks
    Lenny Bruce
    Chris Rock
    Johnny Carson
    Dave Barry

  • Jacob

    I think they are giving her this award prematurely.

    Take into consideration it was not until the past 2 years that Carlin and Cosby were given this award. Both of whom spent decades entertaining America through stand-up and television and print. Other past winners include Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Billy Crysat, Lily Tomlin, Carl Riener, and others. While Fey is sure on her way to becoming a comedic legend, she has yet to reach it. She is a contemporary great, but I do not feel she has reached the level of the past winners. To give her the same award as Carlin at this point in her career devaules the past winners in my opinion.

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