Tom Segura: Thrilled

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Do not be deceived by the white suit Tom Segura wears on the cover of Thrilled: This comic is one dark dude. But he’s light enough, endearing enough and downright wacky enough to mock Mexicans, midgets, men and women without sounding like a fulminating Tea Party candidate or a Ragin’ Palin apostle on his delightfully deranged and dippy debut CD, available now from Rooftop Comedy Records.

His engaging personality, irresistible I’m-just-one-of-you- guys delivery and his mastery of misdirection turn what nowadays could be construed as galvanizing campaign venom into sidesplitting perceptive humor.

On Thrilled, Segura ably charms listeners and the audience at Acme Comedy Co. in Minneapolis, Minn., for 52 minutes, allowing him to explore his weird world onstage without sounding pretentious, or, worse, serious.

Contorting Americans’ tiresome resolution to lose weight, the, um, flabsurdist in Segura dreams of gaining 800 pounds so he can essentially commit to sit. In what amounts to public service announcements, generally for women, he thoughtfully reveals when to flee from a man sporting a ponytail and when asking “What is normal?” is an absolutely terrifying question. Even without Lasik surgery, Segura sees the mundane and the madness with equal sharpness.

You can download Tom Segura’s Thrilled by clicking the link below.

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