John Pinette: Show Me The Buffet (10th anniversary edition)

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Some might say if you’ve been to one buffet you’ve been to them all. Don’t tell that to John Pinette whose first CD, Show Me The Buffet from Uproar! Entertainment is back. And this time around it’s got crisper sound quality and is completely uncensored.

Favorite clips like Chinese Buffet and Free Willy keep audiences rolling and make you realize why this large comic with the sarcastic delivery does really have a likeable, ‘cherub-like demeanor.’

Even lesser comedy fans (in the past ten years since it’s first release) have quoted Pinette’s “You go now” and with good reason. He’s animated, he’s got great timing and he talks about what he knows – eating…a lot. Plus, just when you think he’s moved on to a new buffet or a new topic he’ll call back the beloved catchphrase.

The heavy man is light on the expletives, but big on the voices such as the Chinese buffet owner, Japanese movie-goer and Ghandi. And while Pinette’s got his Asian accents down pat, his imitation of The Chipmunks and Elvis could use some work. Those clips are the last two of the CD and provide no continuity with the rest of the buffet theme so the listener may just want to go ahead and skip them.

What you won’t want to skip (and may even want to play twice) are the first 10 clips on the CD. Pinette’s hunger with regard to Halloween candy is hilarious as is his chafing problem at Disneyworld and sliding issue at the water park. Plus, who else but Pinette could do a whole bit about a meat recall?

And if you’ve never heard the “Free Willy” bit or “Chinese Buffet” you’re in for a bigger treat than Pinette could ever imagine.

Click the link below to buy the uncensored 10th anniversary edition of John Pinette’s Show Me The Buffet!

Show Me The Buffet (original Unedited Version)

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