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Cameron Esposito hasn’t had a Comedy Central special and she doesn’t frequent the hip indie New York City comedy clubs, but this art-house comic has some unique talent that’s made her a favorite among hometown Chicago audiences. Her raspy, excitable delivery is clean and intelligent, and one would imagine her improv performances (her true comedy background) to be enjoyable as well.

Unfortunately, her debut CD, Grab Them Aghast needs some work. In her defense, the audio recording is done in a comedy venue that, as she puts it, is “in the back of a diner” (Lincoln Lodge in Chicago) so the sound system may not be the best and customers may not be used to being a little quieter when heading to the bathroom or paying checks. That being said, you can hear popping p’s on the microphones and a loud giggle from an audience member that’s somewhat distracting on the first few tracks.

Esposito’s well-timed delivery and frequent taglines make her stories and premises interesting, but her long pauses sometimes make for awkward audio. Plus, some of the clips don’t bode well as individual premises. On “Nature vs. Nurture” and “Post-it or Punches” the listener may be left wondering what happened to the endings. Plus, because the audience laughter is so prominent on the CD, there’s an uncomfortable silence if a joke happens to fall flat.

Some clips that are worth checking out (listen below) are “Swingers” (“When staying at a house of Swingers, how many days becomes offensive if you are not propositioned?”) and “Burgled,” which is probably the best example of her storytelling skills.

Esposito does make references to her lesbian lifestyle, but it doesn’t dominate who she is as a comic. She’s cute and quite likable, attributes that make it even harder to not like her CD as much as a fan of hers should.

Download the entire album by clicking the image below.

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