Listen to Conan O'Brien's 22-minute monologue from Radio City

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Conan O'BrienLast Tuesday, Conan O’Brien’s Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour came to Radio City Music Hall in New York– just steps away from where the man used to host his original late night chat show. Much like his former show, near the start of the production that night, O’Brien addressed the crowd for more than 20 minutes– part stand-up/part monologue style.

He hit on all the topics you’d expect him to. But he also got deeply personal at times. The crowd ate up every second of it. The proof is in the trio of audio tracks below. You can hear the entire, historic show segment below. Enjoy!

Conan O’Brien at Radio City, part 1

Conan O’Brien at Radio City, part 2

Conan O’Brien at Radio City, part 3

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  • Bsykes

    I can understand not finding it funny, as everyone has a different idea of what funny is. But trying to attribute the monologue to a frasier epsisode? Really? Oh yes, Conan taking a comedic turn on the established 8 stages of grief is a total ripoff of Frasier. Wait, Frasier isn’t a real psychiatrist? Wah????

  • As I See It

    Sorry , but I didn’t laugh once. Is this his “A” material?

    Stages of loss after losing a job is a direct rip off of a “Frasier” episode written by Christopher Lloyd aired September 24,1998.

    Shame on Conan.

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