What was Chris Rock saying to Kobe Bryant from the stands?

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Having a massive celebrity sitting in the front row of a sporting event is always a huge distraction. But what if the celebrity was one of the world’s biggest comedians – and he was busting YOUR balls? And to add insult to injury, the ball busting was entertaining his friend and cohort, David Spade? Pretty fucking distracting, right? Not For Kobe Bryant. Watch this video:

The clip leaves the lingering question, what the crap was Rock saying to get Kobe’s goat? Here are some guesses:

“This isn’t Chris Rock. It’s Jack Nicholson, doing a racist Chris Rock impression. What did you think of The Bucket List?”

“See the weasel sitting next to me? He gets laid as much as you, if not more. How does that make you feel?”

“Remember when your rape accuser showed up at the police station with another man’s pubes in her underwear? What if I told you they belonged to David Spade?”

“Aren’t you the guy from Kazaam?”

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  • bill

    the joke may have gone over bryants head.good thing he can play basketball ’cause he looks like he is dumb enough to have flunked sandbox [in this clip].

  • alfa

    chris is so pathetic.. i never think of him as a good comedian. he tries to be one but never been a good one. hes a wannabe. bwahaha

  • Sam

    At the MTV Movie Awards red carpet yesterday, I asked David Spade what Chris Rock was telling Kobe! Now you can watch the real answer to his question! http://youtu.be/EEoFQ5poen4

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