World Series of Comedy offers comedians 20+ weeks of work across the country

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World Series of Comedy

Ask any comedian what the most crucial thing about making it in stand-up comedy is, and they’ll all say the same thing. Stage time. And one comedian is helping to offer the opportunity to win lots of it.

Joe Lowers, a 16-year comedy veteran, has just announced the details for this year’s World Series of Comedy 2010 in Las Vegas. In short, the winner of the World Series gets 20 or more weeks of paid work at a selection of comedy clubs across the country and well as a CD recording deal with Uproar! records, the label that has produced some big names like Brian Regan, John Pinette and Margaret Cho.

Lowers has always tried his best to get other comics stage time, originally starting the contest/festival in Pittsburgh in 2003.

“I would drive all over the country headlining gigs and I would have very funny guys opening for me – guys just trying to make it,” said Lowers. “Every time I would head back to my home club (the Pittsburgh Funnybone) I would tell the owner about these guys and try to help them get work but that never worked. I went to the owner and asked him what his slowest month was and told him not to book any comics that month. I pitched my idea to him and he went for it. So in June of 2003 the 1st WSOC took place. It went great and the club loved it – so much so that 16 guys got work the first year.”

And now, WSOC returns September 20-25 — this time in Las Vegas — for what will be an exciting week of stand-up comedy and a chance for comics around the U.S. to get valuable stage time in multiple cities. The WSOC promises over 20 weeks of work and a CD recording deal for the winner.

“My plan is to do everything I can to make sure the comics who come out to Vegas this year get every chance they can to mingle with the bookers and club owners that they can never get on the phone.”

Video submissions are now being taken, but the longer you wait, the more it costs to submit, so get those videos sent it, comics.

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  • Paula G

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Shep Slater!!!!!! He’s our man if he can’t make u laugh nobody can!

  • Joe Lowers

    If you need any info please go to the website and most of your question can be answered there. You can also find my email and my cell number if you need something answered and cant find the answer on the site. The world Series of Comedy is shaping up great this year. Were only a few months a way and I’m still adding work. Just got an email today from a booker offering me another week of work. The Golf outing is set for Wednesday morning. The Poker tournament will be at the Hard Rock Casino on Friday. OH yea were going to do a late night show on Thursday that is just for the comics and bookers. Its The Road Stories Show so think back to that crazy story that happened to you while you were on the road as a comic and let share them at The World Series of Comedy.

  • Paul Soleo

    I always love reading stories like this. Thanks to you guys for trying to pay it forward and present new opportunities for us. I hope to see you all in September.

  • Rick Conety

    Please send me details, such as cost of registration, deadlines, reservations, etc. Thank you.

  • D. Michael Chappel

    I do sound/video for Joe Lowers at the Las Vegas Comedy Show @ Alexis Park, in Vegas. Joe and his host/assistant, David Tobey, have already put in a great deal of time and effort into making this “Stage Time” among the best a comic can get. They are still working hard on all the details and we all look forward to successful contest and show. We expect a great turnout. Hope to see you there. Mike
    Chappel, “The Sound Guy”!

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