Margaret Cho musical comedy album set for release Aug. 24

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She could probably perform open-heart surgery and make the whole thing look sexy and hilarious. Such is the continued – and much-heralded – success of comedian-extraordinaire Margaret Cho, a multifaceted laugh factory who has dipped her talented toes into the pools of stand-up, acting, writing and burlesque.

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Now, the notorious C.H.O. is prepared to add music to her varied list of accomplishments, and plans to do so with the forthcoming release of her first musical comedy album, Cho Dependent. Dropping like an H-bomb on Aug. 24, the album marries together a perfect blend of music and comedy (no need to start humming “Party All the Time” mockingly), and features collaborations with distinguished musical heavyweights like Tegan and Sara, Fiona Apple, Ben Lee, Ani DiFranco, and many more.

“I want to create a new genre of music that is hilarious but also seriously good, so I turned to some of my music heroes to help me out,” says Cho. “I have wanted to make an album like this forever. I love comedy music!”

To support the album a multi-city North American tour is planned, taking Cho and her outrageous band of wit from Ottawa to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. The tour kicks off Aug. 26, but Cho junkies in need of a more immediate fix can catch the Korean comedy Casanova on June 10 and 11 at this year’s Bonnaroo festival, sandwiched between comedy greats Conan O’Brien and Aziz Ansari.

For more info, check out Cho at And after the jump, check out the complete list of tracks and musicians.

1. Intervention(co-written with & featuring Tegan & Sara)

2. Calling in Stoned (co-written with Ben Lee / featuring Ben Lee & Tommy Chong)

3. Your Dick (co-written with AC Newman / featuring Ben Lee)

4. Baby I’m With The Band (co-written with & featuring Brendan Benson)

5. Hey Big Dog (co-written with Patty Griffin / featuring Ben Lee & Fiona Apple)

6. I’m Sorry (co-written with & featuring Andrew Bird)

7. Lice (co-written with & featuring Ben Lee)

8. Enemies (co-written with & featuring Jon Brion)

9. Asian Adjacent (co-written with & featuring Grant Lee Phillips)

10. Gimme Your Seed (co-written with & featuring Garrison Starr)

11. Eat Shit and Die (co-written with & featuring Grant Lee Phillips)

12. Captain Cameltoe  (co-written with & featuring Ani DiFranco)

13. My Puss (co-written with Diana Yanez & Kurt Hall / parody of Mickey Avalon & Dirt Nasty song)

Hidden Track (on CD/Digital only): Lesbian Escalation (co-written with & featuring Rachael Yamagata)

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