David Hasselhoff to be roasted on Comedy Central

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David HasselhoffYou remember David Hasselhoff, right? Knight Rider lead, Baywatch lifeguard, late 80’s German popstar, occasionally drunken mess David Hasselhoff? Comedy Central announced that Hasselhoff will be their next roastee. Don’t worry, they already made the “Don’t hassle the Hoff” joke, so we won’t.

The special is set to be taped this summer in Los Angeles. Luckily, Hasselhoff is ready for whatever the roasters will throw down, saying, “Bring it on! I’m ready to take the heat!” He’s no stranger to self-parody, making us think this roast will be a fun one to watch.

Comedy Central’s past roastee hall of fame includes Joan Rivers, Bob Saget, and William Shatner. Hasselhoff’s roast special will air Sunday, Aug. 15 at 10 pm.

Bonus! In the video below, those silly geese at TMZ.com recently caught up with the Hoff to ask him about his ongoing alcohol addiction (in front of his daughter)! Fun!

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Becca Scheuer

  • http://www.hungoversushi.blogspot.com/ Cabbage

    Christ, I’m still waiting for this. I really hope somebody can find some way to make fun of him, it seems that the Hoff’s aura is nigh impenetrable. I’m off to consult my magic 8 ball.


  • Evan

    What’s really sad is that they’re going to do all these knee-slapping jokes about the infamous cheeseburger clip and his hospitalizations for alcohol poisoning and just generally yuck it up over how hilarious alcoholism is. I saw a promo for the roast on Comedy Central where the Hoff himself does a cheeseburger joke where he picks one up and it falls apart. The Hoff is in denial about a very serious medical disorder called alcoholism and it is no joke. People are dying from it. His daughters have been scarred by what they’ve witnessed. Families are devastated by alcoholism. And Hoff is playing along with all the hilarity over it. Poor taste on CC’s part. You wouldn’t do a roast poking fun at someone for having AIDS or leukemia. (Though that would be ground-breaking television…)

  • Travesty

    Hasselhoff seems to be a nice guy. I know he has a bad problem with drinking, but other then his addiction, he seems to be a pretty mellow dude. I mean, he was just asked about his alcoholism in front of his daughter, and he politely answered, and went along his day. I dunno, I just hope he stays away from the drink.

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