Nathan Timmel: Smarter Than Your Average Idiot

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If Garrison Keillor, aka Mr. Prarie Home Companion, had a blue streak, he would be Nathan Timmel, less a conventional comedian and more an insightful and often raunchy raconteur.

On his chummy, chatty (self-released) CD, Smarter Than Your Average Idiot, Timmel blends childhood anecdotes, current events and combustible social commentary into an entertaining, provocative and occasionally anarchistic highball.

The drinking analogy fits because when Timmel revs up his rant (including a solution to the Iraq conflict that would simultaneously lower the crime rate in South LA, to kooks who kill for the most selfish of motives, infamy, to playgrounds that have gone from precarious but instructive launching pads of life to soulless, mirthless, padded municipal-liability indemnifiers), he could be mistaken for the loudmouth lush whose lips loosen more and more with every swig of liquid lubricant.

A pair of big differences distinguishes Timmel from that dark, inebriated know-it-all: Onstage he’s neither churlish nor belligerent. His observations are equally sardonic, sarcastic and, well, sobering. Like most comedians, Timmel admits that he writes and performs jokes to relieve past pain and to make some sense of the senseless. Risking the occasional lull in the laughter, he fearlessly mines deep for memorable and personal material.

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