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Louis C.K. arrives at Carolines in New York for the premiere party for his FX show "Louie."

Louis C.K. arrives at Carolines in New York for the premiere party for his FX show "Louie."

On Monday night, Louis CK walked the red carpet at Carolines with many of his co-stars in preparation for the screening of the first two episodes of his upcoming show Louie. After remarks from FX network execs, Louis CK spoke about how the series came to fruition. He described his initial reluctance to do the series on such a low budget and how he changed his mind because of the creative team working with him on the show. Despite the financial restrictions, Louis CK said he was able to make it work because of the freedom FX gave him, his crew, and the fact that New York is “lousy with actors,” making it easy for him to find talent for his show.

I got to see the final product of all their hard work at the screening of the pilot and the second episode, “Divorce.” What can you expect from Louie? In each episode, there are several scenes of Louis CK doing stand up in venues like the Comedy Cellar and Carolines. The scripted scenes usually follow some theme from the stand up, like volunteering at his daughters’ school or getting back into the dating scene. The episodes cut back and forth like this and piece together a common-themed story using these different forms of expression.

When I asked Louis CK what it’s like translating his life into a TV show, he said, “Everyone’s got an eye on their own life when they think of stories. For me, I like starting with moments…sometimes stories grow around those.” This statement certainly holds true for the show, and as you watch, you’ll be able to see how a snippet from a stand up routine influences the next scene as Louis takes his initial idea further.

To me what’s interesting about the show is seeing Louis CK telling his story in different environments (stand up, scenes, and conversations with his comedian friends, to name a few), which allowed me to get a better impression of his experiences. He uses brutal honesty in his stand up, like when he says the best case scenario for a relationship is that your best friend eventually gets old and dies. However, he then transitions to fictional scenes that comment more on a general idea, like using Facebook to connect with old flames. Either way, Louis manages to illuminate every situation he lays his comedic hands upon.

Louie is a funny, entertaining show, so if you like things that are good, you should watch it. Check out the first two episodes on Tuesday, June 29th at 11 p.m. on FX.

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  • Travesty

    I’ve been so pumped for this show, the second I heard about it. I’m sure some of my friends are getting annoyed with me, cause I wont shut up about how excited I am for it. I’ve been posting youtube clips on Facebook, and every forum I’m in, I have to mention it. I dunno, I can’t wait for this! Louis’ the man, and I’m sure this will be an amazing show. Lets just hope it doesn’t get canceled for no particular reason.

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