Comedian Joe DeRosa shares secrets of seduction on video

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Just this week, comedian Joe DeRosa released his debut album, The Depression Auction, on Comedy Central Records. At this point it’s available digitally only. I know some of Comedy Central’s digital-only releases have gone on to be released traditionally with packaging (if the album sold a enough units online). Not sure if that’s the case with DeRosa’s. Regardless, it’s an album you need to get.

Our writer Rob Turbovsky put it a lot more elegantly in his review of the album here (with sample track). But I’ll say this: If you like you’re comedy honest — that is, owning a full range of emotion — you’re going to love DeRosa’s comedy. As the title of the album suggests, he’s prone to bouts of depression; however he’s clearly passionate about his craft, thankful for the things he has, dare I say, even sensitive to others (when he deems it appropriate) and happy to make us laugh. He’s also angry, misanthropic, struggling to quit drinking, admittedly weak in many ways and yet enormously confident in his life philosophies.

I guess what I’m saying is that he’s human. And he has the skill to roll out all those human qualities and maintain a ridiculously high level of funny and likability. What I’m also saying is that I wanted a good excuse to post this video of DeRosa from our friends at We’ll file this under DeRosa’s sense of self-efficacy. Warning: almost complete nudity.

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