Comedian calls Jews ‘expendable’ and then apologizes

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David Fane

David Fane

Comedian and actor David Fane has apologized for an anti-Semitic comment he made the other night during a show, according to JTA, a Jewish news service. In his routine, Fane remarked, “Would you roast an HIV person? You’d roast them because they’re expendable, like the Jews. Hitler had a right, you know.”

It’s a joke that I, as a person of Jewish decent, didn’t find funny. Anyway, there are much better anti-Semitic jokes out there. (Ever hear the one about the Jew with an erection who ran into a wall? He broke his nose.)

But Fane apologized nonetheless saying, “I really am so very sorry for any offense I have caused. They were dumb words said by a dumb man.”

Fane then went on to, in true comedic fashion, blame it on the alcohol stating, “I wasn’t in control at the time the statements were made. Upon reflection I was probably, at the time, thinking of what in comedic circles is referred to as ‘offensive humor’ as opposed to anything serious.”

While his explanation may be obvious and unnecessary, this whole thing brings up an interesting question: is it ever alright to make racist or otherwise offensive jokes? I can understand keeping jokes like these out of the work place, where an unsuspecting coworker may be made to feel uncomfortable, but should a comedian have to apologize for joking around on stage?

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  • JJ Shag

    Gaping omission here– people with HIV are also not roastable or expendable!!

  • Travesty

    I mean, I support “free speech” with comedians, but not in every instance. This kinda reminds me when Michael Richards was screaming the word “nigger” over and over in a hateful manner. It’s just over the line, and in both circumstances, the jokes aren’t even the slightest bit funny. It doesn’t even sound like a joke, but more of a rant. “Offensive humor” is one thing, but this isn’t even funny, just sad…..

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