Photographer of comedians opens gallery show

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Who is the woman I’m afraid of turning into?

That’s the question rising photographer-of-comedians Anya Garrett poses in her new gallery showing.

In collaboration with Lisa Levy, a conceptual artist and self-proclaimed psychoanalyst, they’ve created intimate portraits of comedians and and comedic performers – Abbi Crutchfield, Amy Schumer, Ann Carr, Becky Yamamoto, Carolyn Castiglia, Leah Dubie, Livia Scott, Mara Herron, Ophira Eisenberg, and Sherri Eldin – based on their fears of their future selves.

Anya Garrett

“Fascination and fear go hand in hand,” Garrett says. “Any idea is incomplete without also considering its complimentary opposite. In a society that judges us by presentation alone, it’s what lies beneath – the thoughts we dare not say – that truly define us. By balancing elements of both light and dark, I hope to give my audience the complete story (1,000 words or more).”

The Woman I’m Afraid of Turning Into will be exhibited at the HEREart Gallery in New York City from July 15th through September 19. Admission is free. More info on the space is here. And you can check out Anya’s other at her official site.

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