Daniel Tosh displaces Dave Chappelle as Comedy Central ratings champ in timeslot

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On Wednesday night, a record 2.4 million people tuned into Tosh.0, Daniel Tosh’s weekly roast of all things dumb on the Internet. Why is this important? Well, as Deadline.com points out, the show Tosh.0 fills Comedy Central’s 10:30 p.m. Wednesday slot right after South Park, and this is the highest number of viewers the slot has seen since the era of Chappelle’s Show.

On the news of this success, we thought we’d take this opportunity to show you a clip from Tosh.0, because it’s fun. You like fun things, right?

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  • Halston Lacey

    @sunny dude as a black man i am deeply offended by your comment. You are very closed minded and easily swayed. Daniel Tosh isnt any raunchier than say Red Foxx George Carlin or Eddie Murphy. You are stating your personal opinions as if they were facts. There is reason why Tosh.0 is the number comedy program and is breaking records. You should stick to watching cspan..you are obviously out of touch with todays humor

  • Will

    I have to agree with Nick.
    At first, I unexpectedly found myself agreeing to Sunny’s ideology of offensive and immoral humor as unacceptable to allow as mediums into our culture.
    Sunny is saying… “essentially these topics are allowed and encouraged to be exposed. Topics that are deemed “counter-productive” to what not only America stands for, but human mentality and the evolutionary growth of civilization.
    However, on top of what Nick had to say. Comedy and Humor, by definition, amuse. Think of things that make you laught. Think of jokes. Think of situations. Think of people. Think of objects.
    Comedy is a form of Art that can be both considered mediums that directly influence our culture and society.
    Now think of Art.
    Paintings and sculptures that inspire you. Objects that inspire you. Situations and people that inspire you. Where you sit, how you look, the job you have, the way you do your hair was that aspired by the first category or the second?
    I assume (at the very least desperately hope)…most individuals would say the latter.
    I have faith that Americans and society as a whole are inspired to things that inherently display what our hearts reach into and desire. Not what amuses us.

  • Nick

    Sunny, really? Comedy is about pushing boundaries and starting conversations about the controversial and taboo. Tosh isn’t really a racist, but he makes people laugh by making fun of the things that society is afraid to talk about. Comedians like him, Sarah Silverman, Dave Chapelle and Greg Giraldo (RIP) has pushed the boundaries as far as stand up comedy.

  • Sunny

    While changing channels last night, the sight of two large sea creatures caught my attention. I paused only to hear the host, d.tosh, comment that one of them was sucking his penis and that it must be the back man of the group. I was shocked and repelled by both the image and the comment but decided to continue watching to learn what this show was about. Further into the show, the host showed a video of two black men tossing a little girl between them for her to dunk a basketball. Granted, that type of play didn’t seem appropriate; tosh commented that black men are finally playing with their children. On both occasions, the audience’s laughter was guarded and nervous. Comedy should make us all laugh freely and with abandon. True comedy does not slander, denigrate, ridicule, offend, and perpetuate dangerous stereotypes. The racism in his comments was palpable; tosh, himself, admitted it was racist. This guy is trying to make a name for himself by appealing to what he perceives as a latent appetite for virulent and divisive racial language and imaginary. We as a society have come too far with too many lives lost fighting for equality to regress to a mentality where racial and ethnic slurs can be accepted as funny, and be disguised as comedy. That type of language is a painful reminder of a time when words were freely used to malign and torment without consequence. Shame on Comedy Central for giving this jerk a venue to inject poison into our culture.

  • Saul

    That’s awesome, I’ve always loved Tosh’s humor. It’s nice to see a good comic getting some recognition.

  • Ale

    I like the show but, don’t even mention him in the same sentence as Chappelle comedy wise. Tosh is great in his show and should get the recognition he deserves cause his stand-ups are good too. Let’s remember that Chappelle changed the course of comedy and its boundaries on TV. Tosh.0 is 20% Tosh and 80% ordinary, crazy people that happened to have a camera on the spot.

  • http://coreymonroe.com Corey

    i think it would be interesting to see how bob saget could change americas funniest home videos if it was on cable and he had a little less censorship. his stand up might not be for everyone but he did direct dirty work, the guy is funny.

  • http://coreymonroe.com Corey

    i love tosh

  • Travesty

    I like the show, but it’s still just America’s Funniest Home Videos to me. Sure, I’ll tune in here and there, but it’s not my favorite show.

  • http://www.punchlinemagazine.com Nate

    I put money on Tosh saying he wants a 20 million dollar contract or he walks on the last episode as a joke

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