France invades comedy tweets

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l_502_312_0E57439D-4D9B-45A2-AEB4-8FA319578860.jpegEvery morning I like to check Twitter to find out what the scuttlebutt was while I was sleeping. I’ll start to reply to someone but quit mid-tweet when I realize that nobody remembers what they updated 9 hours ago.

Today, I was both delighted and insanely frustrated to find a number of hilarious Twitter folk had spontaneously broke out in French tweets from the Montreal Just for Laughs festival. I decided, for the hell of it, to translate and chronicle as much of this magic as I can and share it with you readers. Featuring Joe Randazzo, Paul F. Tompkins, Dave Hill, Ben Acker, Jen Kirkman, Ken Plume, and James Urbaniak. Enjoy.

Joe Randazzo: Who is coming to Montreal this weekend? (??? (!!) ???)

Paul F. Tompkins: @Randazzoj I AM ALREADY THERE/HERE!!!!!!!!!

Joe Randazzo: @PFTompkins [Welcome, then!]

Paul F. Tompkins: @Randazzoj [GOOD EVENING!]

Joe Randazzo: @PFTompkins [I can really speak french. I hope this is more than a game you …]

Paul F. Tompkins: Randazzoj [I can not speak French at all. I do not know what I say now.]

Dave Hill: @Randazzoj @PFTompkins [When I solve the crimes, I think in French. Beyond that, the language is useless to me. This is life.]

Paul F. Tompkins: @mrdavehill [Randazzoj Dave, you talk about poetry.]

Joe Randazzo: @PFTompkins @mrdavehill [The buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurn! (I think)]

Ben Acker: @PFTompkins @Randazzoj TWITTER IS NOT FOR FRENCH! (it’s for #YELLING!)

Jen Kirkman: In France airport. Attempt #2 to get home in few hrs. For now enjoy this. I play a lesbian in a Tig Notaro short!

Paul F. Tompkins: @Bnacker @Randazzoj [YELLS!] #Crierenfrançais

Paul F. Tompkins: @JenKirkman [Thanks for the ad! I am eager to enjoy the video.]

Dave Hill: [I lament the death of my innocence? Yes, of course I do. But having sex with that? Am I right?]

Ken Plume: @Randazzoj @PFTompkins @mrdavehill [Excuse me, where are the toilets? I’m on fire in my pants. Can you help me, please?]

Jen Kirkman: @PFTompkins [farm mouth and the ass]

James Urbaniak: @Randazzoj [You just cost me six thousand dollars. And a Cadillac. Exactly. What you gonna do about it, asshole?]

Paul F. Tompkins: @JamesUrbaniak @Randazzoj [Fuck you, that’s my name.]

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