Andy Kindler goes all Mel Gibson on Last Comic Standing hopeful; listen to the audio

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Listen, folks. We’re not usually into gossip mongering. But when one of the judges of Last Comic Standing gets caught on tape in a Mel Gibson-like meltdown — not against his wife, but against an aspiring comedian — we feel it’s our job to expose it to the comedy loving masses. Listen below, as comedian and LCS judge Andy Kindler goes off on an unidentified hack comic, berating her for, among other things, not treating stand-up comedy like the art that it is.

Or maybe, just maybe someone is trying to create some more buzz around the NBC show as it enters its final few weeks. What do you think?

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  • Juls

    oh please. are you seriously ASKING if this is a set-up?

  • Nick

    Yeah, pretty fake.

  •!/profile.php?id=40404451 Dan Huso

    I can’t stand Andy Kindler. I have perused his stand-up rather thoroughly to try to some silver lining but I honestly have never laughed out loud at any of his jokes. His humor is so simple that the main reaction I have to his “jokes” is to be offended that he thinks the American public is stupid enough to laugh at the shit that he clearly just improvises off of the top of his head likes he’s some sort of genius comic. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a place for comics like him(the blue collar comedy tour) but I simply cannot understand how he became to be as famous as he is. If he has such a great sense for what makes a comic great or not, why can’t he apply his wisdom to his own act?

  • D.E.

    cute, but obviously fake.
    Andy needed to get the rage up to “11” on the “Mad mel-o-meter” to really make it work.
    That “take” was maybe a “5”

    plus they’re trying too hard to go beat for beat with the “mel tapes” making it feel staged

    A for effort, C for execution.

    “give me back my son!”

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