Carolines breakout artist: Rory Scovel

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comedian Rory Scovel is a Carolines breakout comedianPrint this page out to get $5 off admission to Rory Scovel’s headlining show at Carolines on Aug. 3. Get more ticket info here.

World famous comedy venue Carolines on Broadway and Punchline Magazine have joined forces to present the Breakout Artist Comedy Series. Each Tuesday, at Carolines in New York City, an emerging stand-up comedy star will headline their own show and prove just why they’ve been quietly building a name for themselves in the national comedy scene.

And since we here at Punchline Magazine are all about exposing the best comedians – well-known or not – we’ll be profiling each comedian taking part in the Carolines series each week. So let’s get to this week’s headliner: Rory Scovel!

Who do you think are the breakout artists of the next few years?
I hate this question because I feel there are so many people and I always forget everyone when I am asked this.I think Jon Dore is already a breakout artist but I think he is only going to become bigger and bigger the more exposure he gets. Andy Haynes is a great NYC comic, who is also on this show on the 3rd. Jason Weems from DC is a great comic despite some recent shinanigans about meaningless ownership to material. Nick Mullen out of Austin, TX, he gets better and better every time I see him perform.

You’ve performed at a lot of comedy festivals – Any particular favorites? How is a festival audience different from, say, a night club or college audience?
Depending on the setup for the show, festival shows can be amazing or a disaster. Sometimes music festivals add comedy tents and its a difficult environment for comedy so the show is a lot of work and usually doesn’t come across the way it should. This isn’t always the case, Sasquatch this year was really fun. The Charleston Comedy Festival in South Carolina is amazingly great. TheHaveNots run that and they are awesome. Bridgetown Festival in Portland, OR is one of my favorites because the comics really showcase creativity more comfortably. If a festival is run properly it can be the same as being in front of a really enthusiastic college crowd.

You’re also known as a comic who does a lot of improv. How essential is improv to stand-up? And what’s your opinion of improv groups in general?
For me, improv is essential to stand-up because it keeps things interesting if I don’t have new material. Improv also helps me find new material inside of old material and create new jokes that I wouldn’t have found without pressuring myself in the moment to improvise on stage.

I think improv groups are just like sketch groups and stand-ups– some are absolutely amazing, some are okay, some should try a different hobby. I personally feel that good improv should inspire stand-up. Reggie Watts improvises every show he does and it inspires me to do the same and take bigger risks.

What’s next for Rory Scovel? Where will you be in a few years?
Not sure, which is what I love about this job. You just keep going and you see what happens. Year to year I just hope to get better. I feel that this has been the case. Avoiding any sense of being stagnant is my only goal.

The Journals of Christopher Columbus from Rory Scovel on Vimeo.

Print this page out to get $5 off admission to Rory Scovel’s headlining show at Carolines on Aug. 3. Get more ticket info here.

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