Paul F. Tompkins podcast to hit iTunes Aug 1

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Mark your calendars everyone. The first episode of the hugely anticipated podcast from Paul F. Tompkins is complete. The Pod F. TomPkast was recorded this week at TV/Film Composer, Eban Schletter’s studio. Chances are, many of our readers are familiar with Schletter’s work on Mr. Show.

The triumphant completion of The Pod F. TomPkast was humbly announced via the dedicated twitter page with a simple, “I am born.” Tompkins’ own wife, actress and fellow comedy nerd, Janie Haddad has been working tirelessly on the behind the scenes, meta details of the podcast.

The Pod F. Tomkast will be available Sunday, August 1st at iTunes and on Tompkins says that all other details and options surrounding the show will be figured out as he goes.

Update: It is available a day early. Download here.

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  • Almost Me Not Me

    Episode 1 of the Pod F. Tomkast is a very strong start to what I hope continues to be a regularly updated show from the extremely funny Mr. Tompkins. The loose “phone” theme of the show worked well, though I don’t think each show will need a singular theme in order to be continually funny. It will be interesting to see if Tompkins experiments with each new show before settling into an established format.

    Some highlights:

    – “I was gonna call it ‘Ice T’s Pyramid Plan,’ but I just hate alliteration that much.”

    – “Musn’t be sexist against snakes!”

    – Tim Meadows reading the Google Transcripts version of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. If you listen to your iPod while working out at the gym, DO NOT do so during this segment. I was laughing to the point of tears and nearly hurt myself on the abdominal crunch machine.

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