Adult Swim’s ‘Delocated’ returns with a delightfully goofy vengeance

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glaser2What’s that? You’ve been missing your favorite mock reality show about the daily trials of a ski-masked man who moves his family New York City in search of the limelight?

You’re in luck. Veteran writer/performer Jon Glaser returns to Adult Swim this month with the second season of his series, Delocated. Based on the first two episodes, Season two delivers more of the goofy-ass hilarity we saw in Season one, which was Glaser’s specialty in his days as a writer/performer on Late Night With Conan O’Brien.

It opens with a shakeup in the Russian crime syndicate out to kill Jon (it’s his character’s name too). Comedian Eugene Mirman reprises his role as Yvgeny Mirminsky, the hapless Russian hit-man/stand-up comedian that was once in charge of taking Jon out. Now he’s being demoted and replaced by his much scarier brother, Sergei.

Things get interesting when the use of decoy Jons are introduced to the mix to throw the killers off the scent; and things get more interesting when the decoys decide to unionize and fight for better job conditions. This is the kind of humor you can expect from Delocated: silly, deadpan fun.

On top of watching over his shoulder for crazed Russians, Jon has to deal with the loss of a friend, his ex wife dating an FBI agent, and his girlfriend Kim’s frustrations with their lifestyle, not to mention her wandering eye. The show’s premise is so nuts that anything that happens within it seems to somehow make perfect sense. Even Jon institutionalizing himself for depression is a laugh-packed plotline. There’s a piss-your-pants-funny Weekend At Bernie’s send-up scene that could work as a stand-alone sketch.

The show is like no other comedy on TV right now, and you should watch it. Oh, and comedian Todd Barry has a medium-sized role as himself. Season two premieres Sunday, Aug. 22 at 11 EST. You can also get more info about the show on the Adult Swim’s site, and behind-the-scenes stuff on the Delocated blog.

Check out this season two trailer:

Bonus clip after the jump!

Here’s an old Conan clip featuring Glaser as Doobie Brothers singer Michael McDonald:

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