Carolines breakout artist: Veronica Mosey

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comedian Veronica MoseyPrint this page out to get $5 off admission to Veronica Mosey’s headlining show at Carolines on Aug. 24. Get more ticket info here.

World famous comedy venue Carolines on Broadway and Punchline Magazine have joined forces to present the Breakout Artist Comedy Series. Each Tuesday, at Carolines in New York City, an emerging stand-up comedy star will headline their own show and prove just why they’ve been quietly building a name for themselves in the national comedy scene.

And since we here at Punchline Magazine are all about exposing the best comedians – well-known or not – we’ll be profiling each comedian taking part in the Carolines series each week. So let’s get to this week’s headliner: Veronica Mosey!

Veronica Mosey is a high-energy comedian with a lot to say. Her no-holds-barred style earned her the title of one of “Five Comics to Watch” by Rolling Stone and she is one of only a handful of female acts appearing regularly at the top clubs in New York City including Caroline’s Comedy Club, The Comedy Cellar and Gotham Comedy Club. She has been seen on Comedy Central, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Huckabee, The Dr. Phil Show, HBO, Last Comic Standing and TBS’ Las Vegas Comedy Festival and Oprah.

Internationally, Veronica has performed in Montreal, Canada as well as Stockholm, Sweden. She has also been heard on Martha Stewart Radio and appeared on Fox News Channel on The Strategy Room. Veronica prides herself on being able to turn female-comic haters into fans.

Who do you think are the breakout artists of the next few years?
Pretty much all of the acts featured in the Breakout Artist Series. Unfortunately, the people who will probably actually “break out” will be a couple of idiots from reality TV who decide to do stand-up and write lots of fart jokes. If it were up to me, nobody would get famous except those who actually have the skills to, oddly, make people laugh.

You’ve racked up your fair share of daytime TV appearances – Oprah, Martha Stewart, and Dr. Phil just to name a few – do you think your stand up translates well to the daytime format? Are people really ready to laugh at 11am?
I believe people are ready to laugh any time of the day. Now, I had to tailor my usually blunt and sometimes dark material for daytime, but perhaps its time for there to be a new format where everyone isn’t so damned nice all the time. Frankly, I get sick of the same thing over and over. Crafts, reunion shows and psychics who talk to dead relatives who are always “doing fine”. Wouldn’t it be cool if we found out they were actually burning in hell? Just once?

What do you think is behind the public’s obsession with stand-ups?
I believe the public has always had a fascination with stand-ups because we tell the truth. We are the voice of the disgruntled employee, the unhappy spouse or the bitter anyone. In a way, I consider my routine to be a kind of public-service-announcement for everything from child-rearing to sex. Just not at the same time.

What’s next for Veronica Mosey? Where will you be in a few years?
I am working regularly at all of the major clubs here in New York and will be working behind the scenes on The Marriage Ref coming up in the fall. In a few years I hope to be working on a bigger platform (hopefully my own sitcom or talk show) to spread my brutal honesty and inner rage across the universe. All with a wink and a smile, of course.
Veronica Mosey – Juicy

Print this page out to get $5 off admission to Veronica Mosey’s headlining show at Carolines on Aug. 24. Get more ticket info here.

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