Michael Ian Black defends Obama, blasts Tea Party slander during stand-up set

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Michael Ian BlackIn case you haven’t heard already, Michael Ian Black is a stallion. And if you sneak up behind him, chances are you’ll be kicked. Hard. In the teeth. And balls.

Case in point: Black’s Saturday night tirade on a stand-up stage in Columbus, Ohio. After the subject of Obama was brought up, an irate audience member (frustrated with the inability to pinpoint the president’s real nation of birth as a European one, no doubt) hollered out “Heil Hitler!” Naturally, Black, being both of the Jewish and sane persuasions, took umbrage to this assessment, and laid into said audience member with the following:

How dare you compare Hitler to this president or any president? How dare you equate what he did with Obama is doing? Do you have any idea how insulting that is? Do you know anything about history? Do you have any idea what Hitler did? He killed six million of my people, which is six million more than Obama has killed. You’re a fucking idiot. You’re a fucking moron. You’re the fucking problem with this country. You and your reflexive retardation.

At this point, the barely-concealed Tea Bagger walked out in disgust. (A friend of mine told me she wished she’d been there to give Black a standing O. I would’ve liked to give him a different kind of O, but we shan’t touch upon that.)

Later, Black pleaded mea culpa on his Tumblr, posting something to the extent of “fighting fire with fire is stupid, mmmkay?”

But now I feel bad. I feel bad because, in retrospect, that guy didn’t deserve that. Yes he said something incredibly stupid, but my response was just as stupid. I could have made my point a million different ways without screaming into a microphone in a room filled with drunk people. I wasn’t clever, I wasn’t thoughtful, I said nothing that would move the conversation forward. I just yelled because Nazis push my Jew button (my Jew button is located right below my tail).

I, for one, don’t feel that he has anything at all to apologize for. Having spent enough time around Tea Baggers and the half-wits who love them (but don’t ask why), it’s taken every fiber of my being to keep from developing a stupidity twitch. Perhaps fighting fire with fire is the most apt way to get singed, but for a cult of individuals who equate one of the world’s most moderate, centrists G20 leaders with one of the world’s most diabolical, blood-thirsty monsters, stupidity is probably the only language in which these people are fluent.

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  • Lawson

    Not all tea baggers are stupid cunts, but anyone that compares Obama to Hitler is.

  • http://www.richardcasononline.com Richard Cason

    It’s dangerous to assume that just because someone shouted some stupid shit, that they are a member of the Tea Party.

    It’s just as dangerous to assume that most Tea Partiers are prejudiced, in general. Most of them are ordinary citizens of all stripes who just want to know where the fuck all their money is going.

    Stop assuming and start investigating.

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