Video takes aim at comedy club booking practices

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Anyone who’s ever tried their hand at comedy knows how hard it is to find stage time – especially within the bureaucracy of the club system. This animated video, made with the help of, does a great job of breaking down the Catch-22 filled process of trying to squeeze spots out of a traditional club booker. It plays like watching a 1930’s shop owner deal with the local mafia, and, yes, it’s pretty dead on.

[thanks for the tip, Tabari McCoy]

About the Author

Brendan McLaughlin

Brendan is a comedian and writer based in Brooklyn, NY.

  • Al Martin

    Very clever and funny…

    Al Martin

  • Mario DiGiorgio

    I’m with Rhune…two big thumbgs up.

  • Hutinak

    Whoever wrote this must have been a Yuk Yuks comic because this is Yuk Yuks 100%

    They are a controlling evil empire like The Romans, Nazis. Yuk Yuks is no different.

  • Lawson

    So goddamn funny.

  • Comics comic

    Al Martin aka Louis Faranda aka JR aka Estee…..

  • Rhune Kincaid

    Two thumbgs up.

  • http://www.AmericasComedy.Com Steven Bloom

    This is one of the funniest videos I have seen in a long time. What makes it so funny is that there is so much truth in it! “That seems fair..”

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Steven Bloom

  • Donthomas

    So funny because its true!!

  • Chris Gehrt

    That was pretty awesome.

  • Slow Clapper

    This is something we teach at comedy bootcamp!

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